London journey chaos as girl in wheelchair ‘trapped on practice’ after TfL blunder | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A wheelchair-bound girl was left “trapped” on an empty practice in London whereas ready for employees to get a ramp for her. Katie Pennick, an activist advocating for a transport system for all, was unable to get off the practice at Highbury and Islington Station’s London Overground on Thursday night.

The video that has been circulating exhibits Ms Pennick searching for assist as she repeatedly screams “can someone help me to get off the train.”

Posting on X, previously often called Twitter, she wrote: “POV (point of view): you’re a wheelchair user and the staff haven’t turned up with a ramp, so you’re trapped on an empty train. The emergency alarm is out of my reach so I have to rely on my shouting skills.

“How would you feel if there was a risk of this happening every time you use the train?”

During the video, she shared that she was the one one left contained in the practice whereas ready for assist.

She mentioned: “The train has pulled in at Highbury and Islington. The ramp hasn’t met me and everyone has gotten off the train.

“The cleaner has gone to try and look for someone for me. I just can’t get off the train.”

She then tries to search for somebody and says “hello, is there anyone? Please can someone let me off the train? Is no one gonna help me here?”

She then seemed for an alarm to press in order that she may alert the group however sadly, the system was out of her attain.

She continued: “We could do so much better. Raised platforms would allow me to get on and off the train independently and remove the stress of no-show ramps. At the very least, there should be an alarm that is reachable for wheelchair users to alert the driver that I’m trapped.”

At the tip of the video, whereas she retains on in search of assist, a person says “wait, he is coming.”

Urging authorities for a greater transport system, she mentioned: “It’s not the staff’s fault. They had been told my train was pulling in to a different platform. And they are over worked – there aren’t enough staff to monitor each platform closely.

“Transport makes cities. When disabled people contend with this stress, frustration and disempowerment each time we travel, it sends a message about who the city is for – and who is not welcome.”

Social media customers have been left fuming as they watched the girl pleading for assist. One consumer commented: “There is absolutely NO reason why we should have to risk being left on trains just because we happen to use mobility aids. ALL train platforms can be made level, even if it had to be done one platform at a time.”

A second consumer mentioned: “From personal experience, it’s very stressful, you’re not essentially but literally trapped!”

A 3rd consumer mentioned: “Outrageous. I am sorry you had to experience this, the transport provider needs to remedy such shortcomings straightaway and ensure there is no repeat. Thank you for sharing details of such awful mistreatment.” has reached out to TfL for a remark.