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Uno scene of chaos. This Thursday, February 29 within the early morning, a supply of humanitarian support become a tragedy in Gaza City, a city situated within the north of the Palestinian enclave. The Health Ministry of Hamas – a terrorist group whose figures are unverifiable – mentions greater than 110 lifeless and 760 injured.

Trucks have been heading in direction of Israeli military checkpoints and have been reportedly stormed close to the Al Nabulsi roundabout, situated south of town, by a hungry crowd round 1 a.m.

In a press release, the Israeli military signifies that “ Dozens of Gaza residents surrounded and looted the trucks. During this incident, dozens of Gaza residents were injured.”

Live hearth and crowd actions

Still in accordance with the Israeli military press launch, “ the crowd approached the forces in such a way as to pose a threat to the troops, who responded with live fire.” “ The drivers drove into the crowd, ultimately killing dozens of people,” the IDF continued.

International reactions multiplied on Friday. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres “condemned” this occasion, in accordance with his spokesperson. “We don't know exactly what happened. But whether these people were killed by Israeli fire, whether they were crushed by the crowd, or run over by trucks, these are acts of violence, in a certain way, linked to this conflict,” Stéphane mentioned. Dujarric, describing deaths in “horrible circumstances”.

“The shooting by Israeli soldiers against civilians trying to access food is unjustifiable,” denounced France by means of a press launch from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, noting that “this tragic event comes at a time when the humanitarian situation in Gaza is an absolute emergency,” with “increasing and unbearable numbers of Palestinian civilians suffering from hunger and disease.”

The head of Italian diplomacy Antonio Tajani posted on X that “the tragic deaths in Gaza call for an immediate ceasefire to allow more humanitarian aid, the release of hostages and the protection of civilians”. In Turkey, the authorities denounced “a new crime against humanity” and regarded that this tragedy “is proof that[Israël] aims to consciously and collectively destroy the Palestinian people.”

30,000 Palestinians killed, in accordance with Hamas

According to the UN, 2.2 million individuals are presently vulnerable to hunger within the Gaza Strip. Two thousand 300 support vehicles entered the enclave in February, or round 82 vehicles per day. Before the assault on October 7, this determine was 500.

Hamas, for its half, declared that this “ massacre” hampered negotiations to free 134 Israeli hostages held because the October 7 terrorist assault which value the lives of 1,200 Israelis. The White House mentioned the United States was reviewing obtainable data on the Israeli hearth and known as it a “serious incident,” whereas calling for “expanding and maintaining” the move of support to Gaza.

Since the response of Benjamin Netanyahu's authorities in Gaza, 30,000 Palestinians have been killed – once more in accordance with Hamas, whose figures stay unverifiable.