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Marine Le Pen, in Paris, February 29, 2024.

Like a way of deja vu. This Tuesday, February 27, Gabriel Attal speaks on the National Assembly. Marine Le Pen has simply attacked him on the declaration of Emmanuel Macron, who, the day earlier than, had estimated that “nothing was excluded” regarding a hypothetical sending of floor troops to Ukraine. The response is fast. “There is reason to wonder if Vladimir Putin's troops are not already in our country… I am talking about you and your troops, Mr.me The pen “the Prime Minister tells him.

The blow is reminiscent of one of the highlights of the debate between the two rounds of the 2022 presidential election, when candidate Macron accused Marine Le Pen of “ depend » from Russian power, recalling the loan of 9 million euros that his party had taken out in 2014, in the middle of the Donbass war, from a Moscow bank. “You talk to your banker when you talk to Russia. That's the problem, Mr.me The pen “, the head of state had rebuked her.

For the European elections, which will be held on June 9, the presidential camp is therefore applying the same recipes that succeeded in 2022 against the National Rally (RN). The strength of our campaign is that we are the only ones to assume unwavering support for Ukraine, says Renaissance MP from Paris David Amiel, also member of the executive office of the Macronist party. What worries voters are the parties that bury their heads in the sand or, worse, those that express complacency. » Has the Renaissance staff found the most effective angle of attack against the far-right group, given at the top of the voting intentions for the European elections?

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A “great dismay”

The blows in opposition to Marine Le Pen's hyperlinks with Russian energy, which come after Mr. Macron's robust criticism of the far-right group, offered as “the Frexit party”, on February 24, throughout the Agricultural Show, a minimum of have the benefit of bringing a bit of readability to the place of the bulk. The previous few weeks have been punctuated by the chief's reversals on the doctrine to be utilized in opposition to the RN, with, on the one hand, Gabriel Attal putting the previous National Front in “the republican arch”, and, on the opposite, Emmanuel Macron excluding him. A “at the same time” which arouses concern amongst some early “walkers”. “These semantic controversies only serve to mask the great disarray we are in to slow down the progress of the RN”, judges the Paris deputy Gilles Le Gendre, former president of the Macronist group within the National Assembly.

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