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Un closed doorways worthy of a nasty thriller… Alain Delon's twilight is popping right into a nightmare inside the partitions of his property in Douchy, within the Loiret. For seven months, the youngsters have taken over from Hiromi Rollin, the actor's assistant and associate, in opposition to whom they united in the identical spirit final summer time.
But the nice understanding didn’t final: the previous jealousies and grudges, cooked and re-cooked, ended up resurfacing and bursting into the open in all of the media. The siblings tear themselves aside in entrance of their dying father, who watches, virtually helplessly, on the roars and claws of his pack…

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In this shadow theater, the place no holds barred, Alain-Fabien holds a particular place: he’s the one who takes care of his father essentially the most, even when it weighs on him. “I have no longer been able to live in this toxic universe for six months,” he defined in Paris Match early January. I'm smoking once more, I'm getting misplaced right here…” He lives in a pavilion, manages the housekeeping, watches over his father, works on his projects… But remains a lively, sensitive and fragile person, to the point that his mother, Rosalie van Breemen, would have discreetly joined him there, according to information from the magazine She.

READ ALSO Delon affair: Hiromi Rollin, story of a flouted woman “It’s horror for nothing,” Anouchka told the columns of the newspaper. The other day, the cleaning lady asked Alain-Fabien to do the shopping for me, I had to return to Geneva. It drove him crazy. He went into my kitchen, threw away what was on the table…” With her little brother, trust has been broken since he unknowingly recorded her in conversation with her father, before throwing everything away on social networks.

“Dowry Hunter”

Anthony regularly visits the estate, but Anouchka avoids meeting him. The eldest of the clan openly hates his sister, calls her “the Genevan”, despises her husband, recalling that his father nicknamed him “the dowry hunter”. The kind of harsh remarks that don't soothe family relationships…

It was Anthony who started the hostilities by directly attacking his sister in Matchat the beginning of January, accusing him of manipulation and intrigue to bring their father back to Switzerland at all costs to optimize the inheritance.

But by attacking the favorite girl, the eldest of the clan once again annoyed Alain Delon. “When Anthony arrives, my father turns his head, shrugs his shoulders or refuses to come out of his room,” confides Anouchka in She. In front of a witness, he reaffirmed that he no longer wanted to see him. Me neither. »

The daughter of Cheetah now comes once a week from Geneva, but each time fears that his beep will no longer work at the gates – as was the case last July for Hiromi, who was kicked out of the estate overnight. There was no question of bringing his son Ludo, 4 years old, who was being treated for kidney disease. “I don’t want him to experience this atmosphere, these people who stabbed me in the back. A child is a sponge,” she told the magazine.

READ ALSO Alain Delon and firearms, an old passionIn Douchy, Anouchka stays in her personal lodge, her own bodyguard sleeps nearby, you can never be too careful… According to her, the boys were walking around the property armed – “They assume they're within the Wild West” -, what worries the justice system which ordered the seizure of all the weapons on the estate (more than 70, including 3,000 rounds of ammunition).

A search which “reassured” the actor's daughter, according to her lawyer, because “she was fairly nervous given the quite specific local weather that reigns there…” Not to mention that Delon could also have brutally killed himself, he who always said he wanted to resort to suicide if his condition became bedridden.

“In a month, it’s gone”

The old samurai is close to the shadows of death, all his children affirm it. Last summer, he refused to eat or drink, Alain-Fabien had a doctor come every day to give him an infusion.

Diminished by his two strokes, weakened by lymphoma, he no longer took his treatment which tired him too much and lived secluded in a few rooms, almost no longer able to walk, remaining most of the time on a wheelchair. Every week, reports Anouchka in SheAnthony murmurs: “In a month, it’s gone…”

READ ALSO Delon affair: the samurai clan “This atmosphere is bad for him,” she judges, “all the doctors say so. For a time, he thought about assisted suicide in Switzerland. Now he no longer wants to be treated, it's his wish and I respect it. The question is no longer there, we are six months late. I just want him to be left alone…”

It is on this heavy and tense context that the authorized consultant requested the three kids to settle down and keep away from as a lot as doable tearing one another aside in entrance of their father, who feels every part. A name for a truce which appears very illusory…