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Lhe very first thing we discover about imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi, who described the tricolor flag as “satanic” which has “no value with Allah”, even earlier than listening to his phrases, is his outfit. A Tunisian with a headgear worthy of the nice Wahhabi preachers. In the Maghreb, imams put on a easy white “chechia” on their heads. The imam's outfit reveals the affect of Wahhabism on his apply of Islam.

His phrases are subsequently in step with his outfit in addition to the conspicuous brown mark he has on his brow and which is a part of the phenomenon of spiritual exhibitionism which is attribute of Islamist extremists. The affect of Wahhabi fundamentalist Islamists on Muslims, significantly North Africans and sub-Saharan Africans, from whom the vast majority of Muslims in France originate, can’t be demonstrated.

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Wahhabism isn’t a easy apolitical pietist motion, as some lecturers similar to Florence Bergeaud-Blackler declare in her work Brotherhood and its networks. It is an Islamist doctrine the place faith and the State are confused. It led, from the center of the twentieth centurye century, an offensive towards any social, political and spiritual reform or modernization within the Muslim world.

Its accountability for the failure of the method of modernization of Muslim international locations and the return to ancestral and obscurantist practices of Islam could be very nice. To current Wahhabism as an apolitical doctrine is to wish to exonerate it from any accountability within the propagation of obscurantism and Islamist extremism within the Muslim world and thereby neglect elements of clarification and understanding. important within the research of Islamism.

An Islamist flag

Let's assume that the imam isn’t towards “tricolor flags” however towards “multicolored flags” as he claims. The French flag is multi-colored, so it’s affected by his speech. On the opposite hand, his phrases imply that he needs a single-color flag, which is completely paying homage to the flag of fundamentalist extremist teams.

They are single-colored – black or inexperienced – on which the occupation of Muslim religion or additionally the names of God (Allah) and the prophet, similar to that of Daesh and Hamas, are talked about. The flag of Saudi Arabia, designed by the Wahhabis in 1932, falls into this class. It must be famous that the imam explains that his rejection of the tricolor or multi-colored flag is because of the truth that it doesn’t bear “the symbol of Allah”.

The imam claims he was “talking about sport”. However, the issue wouldn’t be any much less critical if he was actually speaking about sport, as a result of that may quantity to saying that he was encouraging younger Muslims to put on the flag of Daesh or Hamas on the stands of soccer fields in France but additionally in Maghreb, provided that he claims that his remarks have been addressed to the Maghreb. Words that should be taken critically as a result of Muslims brandishing such a flag is a phenomenon that’s already noticed throughout demonstrations, significantly pro-Hamas, within the West.

Delusional and utopian feedback

“All governances will fall” is one other sentence to notice within the imam's speech, which implies that he needs the abolition of borders and that he alludes to the dream of extremist Islamists of an “Umma” which brings collectively all Muslims. These feedback are delusional and utopian. Throughout the historical past of Muslims, and since their geographical territory has expanded, there have all the time been, together with through the nice caliphs, a number of states which have, furthermore, all the time waged battle on one another, in addition to a number of caliphs on the similar time.

READ ALSO Kamel Daoud – Why Islamists love facultyThe notion of Islamic “Ummah” (nation), though it is extremely essential in Islam and in spiritual discourse, designates Muslims as a group which believes in the identical faith and which subsequently has the identical principal guidelines of social group and never the abolition of borders or the top of nation states, besides amongst extremist Islamists.

The affair of imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi reveals that probably the most extremist Islamism is doing effectively in France and as soon as once more raises using mosques for political functions. All progressive states in Muslim international locations have failed within the face of Islamists, largely as a result of Islamist imams have used mosques as a political platform and to infiltrate populations. The minister's choice to withdraw the imam's residence allow is a logical continuation of his remarks. In precept, anybody who hates France or the risk has nothing to do about it.

An interweaving of faith and politics

However, it’ll resolve a specific case, that of Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi, however not the issue of Islamism and Islamic extremism and fanaticism. To battle successfully towards Islamism, work should be executed inside Islam. Muslims should take a important and goal take a look at their faith, the goal of which can be to alter it and reform it. The most essential goal of this reform is to dissociate Islam from its political dimension.

The drawback is that in France, affirming that “Islam is not Islamism” is a practice from which we don’t wish to deviate. It implies that the issue of Islamism isn’t because of Islam. “Let us say it from the outset: equating Islamism… with Islam is an ontological and political error… Politically, the confusion is catastrophic,” we learn in Brotherhood and its networks.READ ALSO The misguided Islam of Imam Mahjoubi

The former analysis director on the CNRS, François Burgat, additionally claims that Islamism isn’t Islam provided that Islamism solely appeared on the finish of the nineteenth century.e century. Regarding the violence of Islamist teams, he attests, in an interview with Mediapart in 2017, that “so-called Islamic violence does not come from Islam”.

However, if Islamism means political Islam – in different phrases an Islam the place faith and politics are intertwined, besides through the interval of Mecca (610-622) – Islam is an interweaving of faith and politics. coverage. Several Koranic verses have a authorized, and subsequently political, significance, and Muslims have opted after lengthy discussions for an Islam inseparable from its authorized dimension.

Islam doesn’t exist with out the Muslims who conceive and apply it, nor independently of the Koran, its founding guide, revealed in keeping with the Muslim religion. As for the qualifier “catastrophic”, it’s not proof that Islam isn’t Islamism.

Put an finish to “Islam is not Islamism”

But the issue isn’t restricted to the conceptualization of phrases. To assert that Islamism isn’t Islam quantities to shielding Islam from any criticism and exempting it from any accountability for the issues that come up. A place that aligns completely with the discourse of Islamists and conservatives. They too repeat that the issue “is not Islam but Muslims” every time the slightest criticism about Islam is made.

For them too, the issue lies within the faulty understanding and interpretation of his message simply as for the creator of the Brotherhood and its networks for whom “Islamism (is) a particular arrangement of religious understanding”. Islamic feminists base their motion on the identical precept: in Islam, there isn’t any inequality between women and men. The inequalities attributed to Islam are in actuality the results of false masculine interpretations. READ ALSO Imams of France: love, after expulsion

We can’t battle Islamism once we assert that “Islam is not Islamism” or that the issue is only a matter of misinterpretation of its message. On the opposite, it quantities to supporting him by defending his arguments, these he makes use of to forestall any change inside Islam, any evolution and any reform.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin additionally affirmed, in a tweet posted on February 15, that “radicalism, extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with the values ​​of Islam”. We can’t battle towards Islamism and gasoline it on the similar time. We should put an finish to this discourse “Islam is not Islamism”. No drawback could be resolved with out these involved being conscious of its existence and this consciousness arousing in them the will and the need to resolve it.

* Razika Adnani is a thinker, Islamologist and speaker. She is a member of the Orientation Council of the Fondation de l'Islam de France, a member of the Scientific Council of the Civic Center for Religious Facts and a member of the jury for the Gisèle-Halimi literary prize. She is the creator of a number of works, the most recent of which is “Maghreb: the impact of Islam on social and political evolution. A sociopolitical study” revealed by Fondapol in December 2022.