Nigel Farage requires investigation into Rochdale by-election postal voting | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Nigel Farage has mentioned there must be a assessment into the way in which postal votes have been collected within the Rochdale by-election after it emerged that just about half of all votes solid got here by means of that methodology.

Rochdale Borough Council have confirmed that 13,460 postal votes have been solid within the Rochdale by-election, 43.2 % of the votes solid and greater than 12,335 acquired by winner George Galloway.

The variety of postal votes was up by 27 % from the General Election in 2019 when 10,573 have been solid.

Added to that the proportion of postal votes within the by-election was up from 22.7 % within the 2019 basic election in Rochdale to 43.2 % within the by-election.

In a hotly contested by-election, the place far left Workers Party candidate George Galloway had a cushty win, Mr Farage has expressed issues in regards to the impression of postal voting.

He informed “There is no doubt that Galloway won on the postal vote. Almost half of Rochdale voters cast their vote two weeks ago. We need to know: What methods were used to collect them?”

This will not be the primary time that Mr Farage has expressed severe issues about postal voting.

In explicit, he has higlighted the 2015 Oldham by-election when UKIP was simply defeated by Labour after an enormous postal vote for Labour’s Jim McMahon.

Then the Brexit Party made a proper criticism to the police when postal voting helped Labour win a tightly contested by-election in Peterborough.

While there is no such thing as a proof of malpractice in Rochdale, up to now there have been complaints that postal voting can result in voter harvesting, particularly in some minority communities.

Reform’s Simon Danczuk, a former Labour MP for Rochdale, carried out badly within the by-election coming sixth.

However, Reform chief has made claims of intimidation by supporters of Mr Galloway.

The newly elected MP has denied the allegations and even claimed that Tice had requested him to face for Reform, an allegation Mr Tice has additionally denied.