Fátima Diame reaches her future with a bronze in size on the World Athletics Championships | Sports | EUROtoday

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Athletic half of Spain, after having fun with it with Ana Peleteiro-Compaoré and her 14.75 meters of bronze to the rhythm of the Clash, Rock the Casbah, debate at espresso time in Glasgow, pints by, on the nightly 800, the winter consecration of Mariano García, his grasp's diploma, it’s to be hoped, however Iván Pedroso has no time to waste.

The Cuban returns to the pit on the warm-up observe as a result of at seven o'clock one other of his pupils jumps out, the Valencian Fátima Diame, a size specialist. Those who go by and greet him reward Pedroso with, however you seem like God, every part you contact flies, recognizing his private contact in constructing the Peleteiro stronger than ever; François Beoringyan, the coach of the sad hurdler Asier Martínez, mutters, individuals don't know what Pedroso is price, everybody ought to get nearer to him, and the smart males whisper, there may very well be a medal, there may very well be a medal. Only two, Tara Davis and Mona'e Nichols, soar greater than Fatima, and if she doesn't make many nulls, she'll be there.

There is. A single null. A sequence rising up from 6.47m, 6.50m to six.78m on the fifth try, and solely a null. A bronze medal during which solely she, her individuals in Guadalajara, a metropolis to which she emigrated in September 2021 from Valencia, the place she was born 27 years in the past and the place she skilled beneath the command of one other historic participant, Rafa Blanquer, and with whom she achieved soar 6.81m, his greatest outside mark. “I believe that 70% of this medal belongs to my team. I have trusted a lot in Iván's work system,” she says. “It is true that last year in Budapest, at the outdoor World Cup, it didn't work out for me, but I already saw that I could be there. Iván told me, you are there, you are with them. You can win them, they are just like you. So we need that click and that would be it.”

Ahead of Diame, who together with her greatest indoor soar reaches the future that her magnificent beginnings and her extraordinary potential promised her, the 24-year-old North American, joyful and tremendous class, comfortable dancer, Tara Davis (7.07m) and her shocking compatriot Mona'e Nichols (6.85m).

Diame is introverted and quiet, and her head calms down, nearly mysteriously, after the required hugs with Pedroso, together with her individuals. She wraps herself in a Spanish flag and sits on the curve of the observe, on the steep financial institution, whereas the pavilion stays silent: the ultimate of the 60m hurdles is being run. “I was thinking when I was looking at the fences, thinking about the whole year, about everything we have achieved, about how happy she was, how happy she was. “It has been an accumulation of emotions,” she says, and for all that and more it gave her time in the 7.65s that it took the 29-year-old Bahamian Devynne Charlton to win the hurdles race, which reduced the world record that had been set by two hundredths. she herself owned. “And you already know that I don't usually express myself much. So I sat down and started thinking. Damn, finally,” continues the story of the bronze Valencian. “Yesterday we were having dinner. There were four of us, Marta Pérez, Ana Peleteiro, Esther Guerrero and me, and Ana says, have you ever thought, dreamed that you were winning a medal? And Esther says, no, what's going on. No way. And I, well, sometimes a flash has entered me. And tonight I dreamed that I won a medal. And it has been how, it cannot be. Ana is a witch, you know? She can't be. And I don't know, that came to mind. In the dream I didn't know what metal I was carrying, but it had something.”

Journalists, schematic, direct, talk about destiny, as if the superior force that narrows the path really existed. The dream as a signal. Diame talks about work, because she is the one who leads the way. “I think I have worked a lot. I mean, I think it wasn't destiny, because if it were destiny, I still would have been left out. I mean, she was seventh. Anyone could have passed me,” displays the jumper, and affirms her persona. “I think she has already achieved the work we have been doing. And the Fatima that I myself expected and that everyone expected has come about.”

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