The motorbike journey by way of India that ended with seven males raping Fernanda: “They took turns raping me. When I screamed, they hit me in the face” | EUROtoday

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Fernanda has bruises throughout her physique and a fractured rib. Vicente, her companion, says that no less than final night time she was in a position to sleep for just a few hours. The authorities of Dumka, a district in northern India, have left them an condo to allow them to relaxation and isolate themselves from the media noise. On the road, dozens of journalists from native media try to interview them. But the calm within the condo, guarded by the police, is relative. Agents who need to ask extra questions, medical doctors and even a choose preserve coming in.

“They have told us that they have already arrested four of the seven men who attacked us and raped Fernanda. They are going to be tried immediately and given a life sentence because, in addition to our testimony and the fact that they have confessed, there is clear evidence against them. After raping Fernanda, they cleaned the semen on the jacket of the motorcycle she was wearing and which they then left lying in the forest where everything happened. Researchers have found it and are doing dna tests“.

Vicente, a 63-year-old Valencian, solutions EL MUNDO by cellphone from his non permanent shelter in Dumka. Fernanda (28 years outdated), Brazilian with the Spanish citizen, rests in ache within the room. They are a de facto couple and have been in a relationship for 9 years, six of which have been touring around the globe. They have traveled 66 international locations by motorbike, greater than 170,000 kilometers, narrating all their adventures on Instagram and YouTube to their greater than 300,000 followers on their networks.

His final journey on two wheels began in Afghanistan and may have led to New Zealand. But their lengthy cease in India, the place that they had been for greater than six months, has ended with a Terrifying group rape that’s going around the globe.

“We were on our way to the border with Nepal, we were already leaving India. But it was getting dark and we decided to stop and camp. Now We were inside the tent when three men arrived on two motorcycles and started yelling at us and throwing stones.. When I looked out, I saw that one of them was carrying a dagger up his sleeve,” says Vicente.

“We quickly gathered our things and put on our motorcycle suits. We were very afraid and Fernanda took one of the tent pegs to defend herself in case they attacked us. But as soon as we got out, we saw that Four more men had arrived. While we were trying to talk to them and get the situation to calm down, three of the men grabbed Fernanda. I tried to go after her, but the other four started hitting me. I was able to defend myself until They hit me in the head with a stone and I fell to the ground. Then, they started hitting me with the helmet of Fernanda's motorcycle and I became semi-conscious. Luckily, the motorcycle suit protected my body from the kicks. They tied me up and put a knife to my neck. “They advised me they have been going to kill me.”


Vicente assures that men (“some have been very younger, even minors”) they took Fernanda to some bushes, about 80 meters from where he was. “Suddenly, I finished listening to her. I couldn't see her both. I assumed that they had killed her,” she says.

“In the bushes, a number of of them grabbed me and stripped me bare. Afterwards, They raped me in turns. There have been at all times 4 with me. When she screamed, they hit me within the face. I solely heard them repeat the identical phrases in English: solely intercourse, solely intercourse”says Fernanda.

“I begged them to cease, I supplied them cash, that they’d take all the pieces we had. But they weren’t there to rob us. They didn’t contact the bikes nor did they take the 300 {dollars} that I advised them I had in my pockets.“They spent three hours raping Fernanda”, continues Vicente. “At that time, there was a moment when they put a kind of tarp over my head and told me that they were going to cut my throat and that they didn't want to get blood on it. I thought they had already killed her. “When the boys left, I noticed Fernanda popping out of the bushes.”

Indian authorities have explained that four people have been arrested in connection with the attack and that they are searching for the other men who participated in the rape. “One of the detainees confessed to the crime and gave particulars concerning the accused who escaped. Everybody has “between 20 and 30 years”defined Pitambar Singh Kherwar, superintendent of police of Dumka.

Around 11:00 p.m. on Friday, a police patrol discovered Fernanda and Vicente in the course of a highway, close to the forest the place that they had camped. “The woman used Google Translate to narrate the incident. But since the agents could not fully understand what she meant, they quickly took her to the Community Health Center, where doctors confirmed the attack,” Kherwar detailed on Saturday, making certain that The police have been finishing up numerous raids within the space looking for the accused who had escaped.

“That night we slept in a kind of clinic that was in the nearest town. The next morning, they took us to the nearest hospital, which was 80 kilometers away. When we arrived, there were a lot of journalists waiting for us,” says Vicente.


On her Instagram account, Fernanda had posted a video explaining that seven males had raped her. “The police asked us for discretion and to delete the publication. They wanted to avoid creating a lot of noise around us, but they are taking good care of us, as are the Spanish consular authorities.”

The couple went to courtroom this Sunday to present an announcement earlier than the choose, obligatory within the judicial course of. Both have been transferred by the police from a authorities home to the native courtroom to finish step one in an eventual trial towards the three implicated individuals detained till now, based on a police supply near the case knowledgeable EFE.

Vicente explains that, as quickly as they’re allowed to go away, they are going to take the bikes to go to Nepal, to Kathmand, and from there they are going to take a aircraft again to Spain. “The only thing I ask now is that people do not see India as a country of rapists. In general, it is a very safe place, where we have been treated great, by very humble and hard-working people. This It can happen anywhere because there are evil people everywhere.