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Before the results of the vote, the “pride” and emotion of feminine politicians in Versailles

A President of the Solemn Assembly “among the busts of men”a minister on the arm of her mom who had recourse to an unlawful abortion, a deputy in a inexperienced costume in homage to Latin American activists… The day is “historical” for a lot of feminine politicians who displayed their ” pride “ when it comes time to incorporate abortion within the Constitution.

Aurore Bergé arrived below the gold of the South Wing of the Palace of Versailles, holding her mom's hand. “It’s a part of our intimate family stories, a fight that she passed on to me”, she says. In the Assembly, she gave the transferring story of an abortion of her mom, earlier than abortion was legalized, in 1975. It ended with a “curettage without anesthesia” After “an operation that did not go very well”.

It's a “historic day”, hammer many elected officers, together with former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. Several put on white jackets, the “color of the suffragettes”specifies the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau, to salute the activists who fought for girls's proper to vote.

The “rebellious” Mathilde Panot, on the initiative of this constitutional revision within the Assembly, got here to say ” his pride “ on the podium. Dressed in a inexperienced costume, “in tribute to the Argentine women who use this color in the magnificent struggle that allowed them to conquer abortion in 2020”and confronted with the menace “from the extreme right of Javier Milei”.

The president of the Nupes group in the National Assembly, Mathilde Panot, during her speech before the Parliament meeting in Congress in Versailles, March 4, 2024.