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The new Diablo 4 replace is out now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Diablo 4 replace 1.3.3 is one other large one, making dozens upon dozens of adjustments to the gameplay, together with the re-balancing of character lessons, skills and gadgets, alongside bug fixes, UI enhancements and much extra. The replace additionally ushers within the launch of Diablo 4’s Gauntlet mode, which gives a leaderboard-based problem that takes place in a distinct mounted non-linear Dungeon every week.

In phrases of the replace 1.3.3 patch notes, Blizzard has elevated harm for distinctive gadgets just like the Penitent Greaves, all of the whereas growing resistance for Mother’s Embrace and Tassets of the Dawning Sky.

Legendary Aspects have additionally been improved, with Inner Calm, Retribution and Starlight all receiving buffs.

Unfortunately, the Seneschal has been scaled again, with Blizzard nerfing sure powers.

Blizzard explains extra: “We want the Seneschal to feel strong, but there are certain powers that are overperforming. Additionally, there are a couple of unintended interactions that are being addressed.”

You can try the Diablo 4 replace 1.3.3 patch notes under…

Diablo 4 replace 1.3.3 patch notes…



Unique Items

• Ring of Starless Skies

– Now reveals a buff on the bar whereas lively.

• Penitent Greaves

– Damage to Chilled enemies elevated from 7-10% to 12-15%.

• Tassets of the Dawning Sky

– Maximum Resistance elevated from 6-10% to 8-12%.

• Mother’s Embrace

– Resource refund elevated from 20-40% to 30-50%.

Legendary Aspects

• Of Inner Calm

– Damage most elevated from 30% to 40%.

• Of Retribution

– Stun probability elevated from 8% to 10%.

– Damage to Stunned enemies elevated from 10-20% to 15-25%.

• Starlight

– Amount of Life Healed wanted for Resource acquire modified from 25% to twenty%.

The Seneschal

• Poison Support

– Poison Support not reapplies the Construct’s harm bonuses when it spreads, matching the performance of the opposite harm over time Tuning Stones.

• Bleeding Support

– Bonus Bleeding harm from 20% to 10%.

• Burning Support

– Bonus Critical Strike harm from 20% to 10%.

– Bonus Critical Strike harm per Skill Rank from 2% to 1%.

• Tempest

– Tempest not positive factors bonus harm and length when its reapplied or when it spreads.


• Player Profile Updates

• Players’ geared up abilities at the moment are displayed of their profile.

• Equipped Emblems at the moment are displayed within the header of participant Profiles.

• The utilized beauty title and the place it was earned from are displayed within the tooltips of things which were transmogged.

• From Edit profile, Players can choose seals from these they earned throughout the present week to show on their profile header and social card.

• The present character’s time performed is displayed on the backside of the profile.


• The value to craft Uber Unique gadgets has been diminished from 5 Resplendent Sparks to 4.



• Fixed a difficulty the place the Seneschal gained double the profit from abilities that profit allies, corresponding to Barbarian’s War Cry or Druid’s Blood Howl.

• Fixed a difficulty the place an assault that swaps from melee to Crossbow would double the bonuses from the Precision and Weapon Mastery Rogue passives.

• Fixed a difficulty the place some interactable objects related to numerous quests, corresponding to Lyndon’s Stash throughout the Discretionary Spending quest, couldn’t be interacted with whereas mounted.

• Fixed a difficulty the place the digital camera wouldn’t reset if the participant died throughout the Echo of Lilith encounter whereas the digital camera was zoomed out.

• Fixed a difficulty the place the Juggernaut Aspect did not apply armor whereas the participant was mounted.

• Fixed a difficulty the place the Guaranteed Overpower granted by the Druid’s Enhanced Pulverize didn’t apply instantly after buying 12 stacks.

• Fixed and concern the place the Necromancer’s Skeleton Reapers’ probability to create a corpse was based mostly on Lucky Hit as a substitute of a flat share.

• Fixed a difficulty the place Bone Splinters solid from the shattered Spirit Aspect didn’t obtain the Vulnerable impact granted by Initiate’s Bone Splinter.

• Fixed a difficulty the place Thorns was not constant when making use of Lucky Hit. (Ex: Thorns may set off Abhorrent Decrepify however not Hewed Flesh).

• Fixed a difficulty the place the Cult Leader Legendary Paragon Node did not correctly give bonus harm based mostly on bonus minion Attack Speed.

• Fixed a difficulty the place the Rotting Aspect would not spawn extra corpses.

• Fixed a difficulty the place Sorcerer’s Frigid Fate and Elemental Summoner Legendary Paragon results didn’t work correctly with the Aspect of the Elements.

• Fixed a difficulty the place the Fiery Surge Passive was not granting as a lot mana regeneration because it ought to.

• Fixed a difficulty the place bonus harm from Enhanced Caltrops may apply extra usually than supposed when stacking a number of casts of Caltrops on the identical enemy.

• Fixed a difficulty the place Enhanced Caltrops was dealing much less harm than anticipated to bosses.

• Fixed a difficulty with a number of Legendary Aspects the place equipping duplicate Aspects would all the time apply the impact of the primary geared up Aspect, ignoring the rule of making use of solely the strongest geared up Aspect.

• Fixed a difficulty the place unlearning Vyr’s Mastery with the Mage-Lord’s Aspect geared up would trigger the impact of Vyr’s Mastery to stay lively.

• Fixed a difficulty the place an influence that grants a bonus Stat based mostly on one other Stat wouldn’t re-adjust after the non permanent bonus wore off.

User Interface and User Experience

• Fixed a difficulty the place enhancing your profile may additionally set off the immediate for including a good friend.

• Fixed a difficulty the place the outline for Enhanced Caltrops was lacking the harm cap.


• Fixed a difficulty the place Heddam, the search giver NPC for Guardians of the Pit, would disappear whereas Helltide was lively within the space.

• Various efficiency, UI, visible, and stability enhancements.