Grand Orient, Taroni new Grand Master for 15 votes and obedience divided between north and south | EUROtoday

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Not even the counting of the votes of the Sicilian lodges – the final in regional order and simply concluded – has reversed the destiny that was already clear from yesterday night: the 76-year-old Leo Taroni from Ravenna is the brand new Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy. He collected 6,842 votes, in opposition to 6,467 for Seminario and 696 for La Pesa (see last 2024 GM election desk).
In the top he wins by a handful of votes (about fifteen) and governing for the following 5 years won’t be simple for him. He succeeds the Sienese Stefano Bisi, who ruled the fortunes of Goi for 10 years. Antonino Seminario, 65 years previous from Crosia (Cosenza), who began in 1986, in addition to Pasquale La Pesa (born in Bari in '67, began in 1998), misplaced by a whisker.
The vote rewarded Taroni however the pressure stays very excessive as a result of the venerable Masters within the north voted ideally for him, whereas these within the South who most well-liked Seminary most well-liked. The victory images the second that the Grand Orient goes by way of: two souls divided on (nearly) every little thing who must – if they will – discover parts of unity and synthesis. It is not any coincidence that – in some social networks and personal chats, when the vote appeared to be leaning in direction of Seminario – the subject of the break up resurfaced.

Fight in opposition to the mafia

The winner was those that – like Taroni's checklist – merely placed on paper that the Grand Orient should «(…) implement ideas, phrases and actions of sidereal distance and whole, efficient and efficient aversion to organized crime, particularly of a mafia and in addition to the so-called mafia mentality, which constitutes a toxic and lethal illness that should not discover a residence within the temple of brotherhood”.
A phrase that had caused an earthquake among the exegetes of obedience and many brothers. Yet, it was a stance that – however you look at it – does not seem to have earned him who knows how many votes, starting precisely from those lands that are often under the yoke of organized crime. A point to think about for a long time.

Foundation and bricks

Those who, like Taroni's list, asked to delve deeper into the role of the Grande Oriente d'Italia Foundation and the future of obedience's real estate assets won at the last gasp. Taroni wrote in the program that what is needed is «a complete review of the relationship between Goi and the Foundation, which must be intended only for the role of supporting the activities of the Grand Orient. In any case, reduction of the economic commitment towards the Foundation to the advantage of the free masonry associations which have already been carrying out important social activities profitably and for a long time”.
On this level, this system of the Seminar checklist famous that «we proceeded with the liquidation of the businesses not important and which belonged to the Grand Orient of Italy, excluding the corporate Urbs srl – essential for the administration of the true property belongings – pending of the gradual switch of all properties to the Foundation”. Point.

Masonic justice

Those who want to reform Masonic justice won. Taroni writes in his program that «the typical nature of Masonic guilt must be formalized», with an organic reform animated by objective criteria and the strengthening of the system for resolving disputes between brothers. Seminario, in the program, limited himself to writing that «in the last decade there has been a decrease in disputes compared to previous years and a reduction in the time needed to settle them».
Whoever advocated continuity with Bisi during the electoral campaign, whose role as staunch defender of obedience was exalted (never as in recent years so under attack by the Anti-Mafia Commission), lost – we repeat, by a handful of ballots – the recognition obtained from the Grand Lodge of England and the establishment of the Foundation.
Those who supported the line of direct confrontation with sanctuaries of Freemasonry considered intangible have lost (with all that will follow).
Those who – like the La Pesa list – also failed to shake off the role of third wheel without real appeal also lost, even if it must be acknowledged that they were the only ones to seek (without response) a direct comparison with the two other candidates (see letteralapesa1).
The vote in detail
Of the approximately 17,350 people entitled to vote, the abstention rate fluctuates between 25% and 30% (the count is not definitive, however), demonstrating the confusion of a good part of the electorate, who preferred not to express themselves. Taroni won by distance in Tuscany (at the home of former Grand Master Stefano Bisi, from Siena), Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Liguria Marche, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trentino-Alto Adige and Sardinia. In short: the north as well as Sardinia where the accounts to be settled seem to be growing.
Seminario won Calabria, Sicily and then Puglia, Campania, Umbria, Abruzzo and Molise with an (almost) Bulgarian majority. In a nutshell: the south (see final 2024 GM election table).

Stadium cheering (anonymous).

The electoral marketing campaign noticed all types of issues, with stadium cheering like by no means seen earlier than. No, not among the many columns of the occasions, within the assembly rooms or within the webinars organized within the first two months of 2024 by the candidates to current the packages. On these events the pompous Masonic look has all the time had the higher hand and, if something, on the finish of the conferences casual negotiations would begin to give grist to at least one or the opposite's mill. Loads of technique aimed toward making folks consider they’re pals simply because they’re current (or absent) at this or that appointment.
No, the stadium cheering and the degenerations worthy of the curves who name their favorites to salute after a victory or to bow their heads after a defeat, occurred on social media (strictly nameless) the place the keyboard lions mentioned every little thing and the other of every little thing, along with spewing slander, lies, truths and half-truths (or half-lies) in direction of the three candidates.
Ultimately, it was inconceivable to separate the wheat from the chaff even when the info appeared or have been actual. And it was a whole individuals who paid the worth – nearly with none distinction in any way: the Calabrian one, accused of the worst legal collusions, after having expressed a candidate and having many brothers among the many administrators of the ten-year nice mastership of the outgoing Stefano Bisi.