A Supreme Court choose proposes to request a request from the Senate to attempt Jos Manuel Baltar for a criminal offense towards highway security | EUROtoday

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The choose of the Supreme Court Ana Ferrer has submitted a reasoned assertion to the Second Chamber through which it proposes requesting a request from the Senate to droop the immunity and proceed criminally towards the PP senator.Jose Manuel Baltar upon seeing indicators of an alleged crime towards highway security for driving a automotive at 215 kilometers per hour on the A-52 freeway.

In two resolutions, issued this Wednesday and picked up by Europa Press, the investigating Justice of the Peace explains that, even making use of the 5% margin of error established by the rules on the radar outcome, the determine will attain 204 kilometers per hour in a bit through which the utmost pace allowed was 120 kilometers per hour, which in his opinion suits into a criminal offense towards highway security.

Ferrer signifies that, as soon as Baltar's standing as senator has been accredited, “a moment has been reached in which the evidence of qualified evidence, already recorded, makes it essential to advance on the procedural path” – as requested by the prosecutor – “to obtain the authorization of the Senate: He insists that it is necessary to ask the Senate for permission to continue with the criminal procedure, although Baltar has already been sanctioned administratively for this fact – with a fine and the loss of several license points. As he defends in his presentation, This administrative sanction does not limit the Supreme Court to proceed through criminal proceedings.

The investigator has adopted this decision after the Supreme Court opened a case last November, after the Criminal Chamber received the testimony of a quick trial and the urgent proceedings sent by the courts of Zamora and Puebla de Sanabria, initiated by virtue of a report of the Civil Guard for the commission of an alleged crime against road safety.

It should be remembered that, within the framework of the investigation proceedings, Ferrer took a statement from Baltar, who voluntarily appeared before the Supreme Court on December 19 to deny that he was driving at that speed. “At no time was there a pace greater than 200 kilometers per hour,” said his lawyer, Ramon Monteroin statements to the press.

Likewise, the magistrate asked the Civil Guard to report on the specifics of the radar models that captured Baltar driving above the speed limit, on the devices that print the fines and, specifically, on what data is entered automatically. as well as where the radar that detected it on April 23, 2023 on the A-52 was located.


The facts for which the senator is being investigated popular They date back to that Sunday in April, when he was intercepted, according to the final report of the Civil Traffic Guard, at 215 kilometers per hour on the A-52, as it passed through Asturianos, at the wheel of a car from the Provincial Council of Ourense. .

Before the case reached the Supreme Court, the Public Prosecutor's Office presented a document of accusation against Baltar, considering him the author of a crime against road safety, in the form of driving motor vehicles at a speed higher than that legally permitted in article 379.1 of the Penal Code.

The Prosecutor's Office requested a six-month fine at a daily rate of 10 euros, which would translate into about 1,800 euros. The Public Ministry also demanded a year and a day of deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for the PP leader.

The investigating court agreed to open the oral trial against Baltar for facts supposedly constituting a speeding crime. But, once the status of senator appointed by the Parliament of Galicia was accredited, he agreed to the inhibition and referral of the proceedings to the Supreme Court.