Julien Bayou's ex-partner, Anaïs Leleux, broadcasts that she has filed a criticism in opposition to the environmentalist deputy for “harassment” and “abuse of weakness” | EUROtoday

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Julien Bayou at the National Assembly, in Paris, February 27, 2024.

Companion of Julien Bayou between 2017 and 2021, feminist activist Anaïs Leleux broadcasts in an interview on the positioning DaysWednesday March 6, that she filed a criticism on Tuesday in opposition to the environmentalist deputy of Paris for ” harassment ” And ” abuse of weakness “. “He came after me when I was at the end of my rope”she denounces on this interview, accusing Mr. Bayou of “psychological violence”.

“Julien Bayou is someone who makes you think that you are experiencing a unique relationship with him. But, little by little, he will make you believe that you are crazy. For years, and it got worse towards the end, he tried to put it into my head that I had psychiatric disorders”, continues Mme Leleux. The latter claims to have performed “two suicide attempts, in April and June 2022”.

This is the primary time that the feminist activist has made her accusations publicly in opposition to the previous chief of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV). In July 2022, she contacted the cell about sexist and sexual violence inside the social gathering, with out her identify being revealed. Then, on September 19, the environmentalist deputy for Paris Sandrine Rousseau talked about her case with out mentioning her on the set of “C à vous”, on France 5.

“I think that there are behaviors that are likely to undermine the moral health of women”, she had warned particularly, focusing on Mr. Bayou however with out mentioning any specific violence. His statements, nevertheless, pushed the latter to go away in September 2022 the presidency of the environmental group within the National Assembly, which he occupied with Cyrielle Chatelain, then his place as nationwide secretary of EELV, opening an inner disaster inside the motion. “There is no Bayou case. There are no charges. There is no fact underlying the anathemas I have heard.”the MP defended himself in an interview with World in October 2022.

A complaint targeting the Green Party's investigation unit

The internal unit of EELV announced in February 2023 the closure of the file, being unable “complete your investigation”. “The initial hearing [de l’ex-compagne de M. Bayou]starting point of the investigation, could not take place”, And “no one else entered the cell about Julien Bayou”, she mentioned. Mr. Bayou then estimated that he was “whitened” of those accusations.

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Anaïs Leleux affirms that, ” one week “ after the cell closed the investigation, Mr. Bayou “formal notice then summoned in summary proceedings before the courts regarding the house in the Centre-Val de Loire [qu’ils avaient] purchased together in September 2020, so [qu’elle] prop[t] suicidal, isolated »in order to obtain “occupation compensation”. “The timing meant that I really experienced it as a way of punishing myself, and it reignited my suicidal thoughts”she remembers to the Days.

Anaïs Leleu claims that she made the choice to file a criticism in opposition to Mr. Bayou as a result of she just isn’t “more suicidal” And she has “was able to buy the house in November 2023”. “He no longer has any means of pressure on me. I have a job, I am surrounded. The psychological conditions are better met”, she believes. The activist explains that she had “ended up being afraid of a man who[elle] believed[t] know and that in fact [elle] didn't know[t] not. When you're under the influence, and I still was until recently, it's difficult to speak.”.

Mme Leleux additionally broadcasts having filed a criticism in opposition to “abstention from providing assistance to a person in danger”thus focusing on the cell on sexist and sexual violence of the environmentalist social gathering, whose protocol has ” put to danger “in line with her. “Its members are not solidly trained (…). In addition, the exchanges are not secure”she accuses, arguing that she “do not just expect the condemnation of a man, but the condemnation of a system”.

While Mr. Bayou didn’t want to react to the Daysthe environmentalist social gathering claims to have carried out an audit, “regardless of this matter”, which notably resulted in coaching. Describing themselves as “pioneers on these issues”the motion however believes that “unfortunately this is not a guarantee that great suffering cannot be experienced”.

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