Beijing warns: “Whoever promotes Taiwan independence will be liquidated by history” | EUROtoday

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One of probably the most anticipated occasions of China's annual legislative session is a press convention wherein the Foreign Minister lays naked Beijing's place on probably the most related geopolitical points and worldwide conflicts. The veteran Wang Yi (70 years outdated), one of many sturdy males of the Government of Xi Jinpingreviewed on Wednesday morning the relations with the United States and Russia, the roadmap that ought to be adopted to finish the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, in addition to the problem of Taiwan.

“Only through the full implementation of the two-state solution can the vicious circle of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict be broken. China firmly supports the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights,” confused Wang, who known as for “full membership” of Palestine within the UN.

“It is a shame for civilization that this humanitarian catastrophe cannot be stopped in the 21st century. No excuse can justify the killing of civilians. The international community must act urgently to achieve an immediate ceasefire and guarantee humanitarian aid,” the minister continued.

Regarding the scenario in Gaza, Wang known as for a global peace convention. The similar as for Russia's battle in Ukraine, with the “equal participation of all parties.” But if the Chinese international minister confirmed one thing in his look, it was the shut union of the Beijing-Moscow axis, citing an more and more deep belief between each events.

“China and Russia have forged a new paradigm of great power relations that is completely different from that of the former Cold War era,” he famous. “China-Russia relations are in line with the trend of the world's multipolarization times and are of great value to maintaining global strategic stability.”

Wang devoted an extended intervention to addressing relations between the 2 foremost superpowers, which have apparently improved in current months, or at the least China and the United States have toned down their aggressive rhetoric. But the chancellor accused Washington of constant to repress China with unilateral sanctions. “The United States has been devising various tactics to suppress China”he assured.

“If the United States always says one thing and does another, where is the credibility of a great power? If the United States does not allow other countries to develop legitimately, where is international justice? If the United States insists on monopolizing the top end of the value chain and only allows China to remain at the lower end, where is the fair competition?

Wang warned about “unimaginable penalties” that there would be a military confrontation between Beijing and Washington, but also recognized that relations had improved since the meeting between Xi Jinping and the American president Joe Biden in California late last year.

On the most delicate front in Chinese foreign policy, that of Taiwan, Wang harshly attacked this island with a young democracy, also toughening the discourse and breaking with the softer tone that Chinese officials had used in recent weeks.

“In no means is it going to vary the truth that Taiwan is a part of China and to return definitively to his homeland. Taiwan's secessionist acts are probably the most damaging issue for peace and stability. Whoever promotes Taiwan independence might be liquidated by historical past. “Anyone in the international community who supports Taiwan independence and plays with fire will be burned and suffer the consequences.”

On Wednesday, throughout one of many conferences within the Chinese Parliament, the state company Xinhua highlighted some phrases by President Xi Jinping about Taiwan. The chief mentioned that Beijing ought to “strengthen anti-independence and pro-unification forces” and promote the method of “peaceful reunification” of China.

Wang additionally took benefit of the questions on relations with the European Union to throw some barbs on the Brussels establishments. “A few years ago, an EU political document labeled China as a partner, competitor and institutional rival at the same time, but this triple positioning is not feasible and only brings obstacles. It is like a car heading to an intersection with three signs.” , pink, yellow and inexperienced, all lit on the similar time. “The correct positioning of Chinese-European relations should be that of two partners.”

Wang's intervention is a singular second annually wherein the chancellor faces questions from international correspondents. Although to ask these questions (the minister answered about twenty in complete) they have to be despatched days earlier than to the chancellor, who’s the one who then filters the order and the questions which can be raised. Everything is hermetically managed and nothing is left to improvisation.

Wang has an intensive diplomatic profession and in 2013 he held the Foreign Affairs chair for the primary time. In 2022 he was appointed director of the overall workplace of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, probably the most highly effective instrument of international coverage, above the place of minister, which then handed into the arms of one of many politicians closest to Xi, the previous ambassador to Washington Qin Gang.

However, lower than six months into workplace, Qin all of a sudden disappeared. A brand new political purge with none clarification. After confirming his dismissal, Wang returned to take the reins of the ministrywith out letting go of his place as absolute head of diplomacy and member of the Permanent Committee of the Politburo, the choose and small membership of leaders of the Communist Party.