Blur drummer Dave Rowntree chosen as Labour candidate for Mid Sussex | EUROtoday

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Rowntree isn’t the one musician standing within the subsequent election; Labour can also be hoping to attract on the rockstar energy of Tom Gray, of the band Gomez, to win over the Brighton Pavilion constituency.

Essex-born Rowntree, who can also be a skilled lawyer, beforehand represented the get together throughout his 4 years as a Norfolk County councillor.

He introduced in 2021 he was standing down as councillor as a result of Covid pandemic and the Conservative authorities’s dealing with of lockdown insurance policies.

“The pandemic has made life very difficult for everyone. Like many people, I live with a vulnerable family member so I have had to spend much of the year shielding,’’ Rowntree said at the time.

‘‘Many countries whose governments have followed the science and tackled the epidemic head-on aren’t in this position.

‘‘I could complain that it’s unfair, but I think my residents could also complain about unfairness if I stood again, not knowing when I’d be able to get back out there, knocking on doors, looking for problems to solve.’’

During his break from politics, Rowntree worked on his own 10-track debut album, Radio Songs, a tribute to radio’s role as ‘‘one of the steadying factors in (his) life”. Last 12 months, he picked up the sticks once more for Blur, acting at Wembley within the group’s first headline present since 2015.