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“Disaster in three directions” – Kiesewetter settles accounts with Scholz

Dominik Lippe
CDU politician Kiesewetter: “The scandal is not that Russia got involved there” CDU politician Kiesewetter: “The scandal is not that Russia got involved there”

CDU politician Kiesewetter: “The scandal is not that Russia got involved there”

Source: ZDF/Claudius Pflug

At “Maybrit Illner”, army skilled Carlo Masala sees Olaf Scholz's arguments in opposition to the Taurus supply invalidated by the audio leak. CDU politician Roderich Kiesewetter is harshly crucial of the Chancellor's communication – and clashes with Kevin Kühnert.

“The scandal is not that Russia got involved,” Roderich Kiesewetter commented on the Taurus wiretapping scandal at Markus Lanz on Tuesday, “but that we were not in a position to harden our own systems.” It was “completely understandable “And it probably happens “much more often” that the Russians spy. The essential intention of the present publication is to “expose us”.

The CDU politician now additionally appeared on Maybrit Illner's TV speak below the query “Germany spied on – trust lost?” The moderator welcomed the SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert, the publicist Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the army skilled Carlo Masala and the political scientist Sarah Pagung as additional company.

“We need a different culture of security,” demanded Kiesewetter at the start. There is a “fundamental laxity and unfortunately also openness in the networks,” which he attributed primarily to comfort. The publication of the Taurus leak was supposed to distract consideration from the simultaneous burial of Russian opposition determine Alexei Navalny and a report on the espionage actions of former Wirecard boss Jan Marsalek. “Putin placed the dead Navalny in front of the door of the Bavarian court at the Munich Security Conference,” Carlo Masala put it extra crudely. Germany has been “at the center of a Russian campaign for weeks because we are a central state in Europe.”

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French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Olaf Scholz (from left to right)

The leak exhibits that, opposite to Scholz's argument, it’s totally doable to ship the Taurus – with out the involvement of German troopers on web site. “It's very difficult, but it can be done,” Masala quoted from the revealed recording. Masala argued that focus on programming may exclude Moscow as a goal. According to the trade, it could be “99.9%” unattainable that the Ukrainians may subsequently cancel this.

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The leak makes it clear how “helpful” the Bundeswehr is in offering the Taurus, Kiesewetter stated. The cruise missile is the appropriate weapon to chop off Crimea from Russian provide strains. Germany praises itself as Ukraine's second strongest helper, though two thirds of the whole expenditure on supporting Ukrainian refugees in Germany could be attributed. The former colonel criticized that solely seven billion euros went into army support. “We should avoid this hubris.”

Scholz's communication – “a disaster in three directions”

Scholz's communication was “a disaster in three directions,” complained Roderich Kiesewetter. Firstly, he didn’t remark within the Bundestag debate on Taurus two weeks in the past, secondly, Russia can now “sit back” as a result of he informed them his “red lines”, and thirdly, he’s inflicting “bitterness” among the many allies.

By saying that France and Great Britain have “other means that we don’t have,” the Chancellor is “putting nuclear participation at risk.” The CDU politician warned that Russia sees us as a warfare goal. “Then we would rather be a strong enemy than a weak enemy.” Leadership is critical, however “the Chancellor is not showing leadership, but rather distrust of Ukraine.”

ZDF/Claudius Pflug

(from left) Roderich Kiesewetter, Carlo Masala, Maybrit Illner, Kevin Kuehnert, Sarah Pagung, Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Source: ZDF/Claudius Pflug

Kevin Kühnert disagreed: “You can’t only find leadership good if it turns out the way you would have decided yourself.” The prolonged debate concerning the Taurus is “annoying people”, and he himself considers the Union proposal for supply, which can be introduced once more subsequent week, to be a “claptrap”. With regard to the coalition settlement, he doubts {that a} majority can be present in favor of it. Olaf Scholz weighed the results of the Taurus deployment and got here to the choice in opposition to it throughout the scope of his coverage authority and accountability.

Illner requested whether or not Scholz was additionally thinking about positioning himself as “Peace Chancellor” for the approaching election marketing campaign? “This is an infamous accusation that does not do justice to the significance of the entire decision,” stated the SPD basic secretary indignantly, earlier than repeatedly referring to home politics. “Domestic political support for robust support for Ukraine is our launch vehicle,” emphasised Kühnert.

“If this instrument fails, we will no longer have the long-term support of the population in Germany for this course.” Sarah Pagung added that the consensus might have been maintained due to Scholz, however additionally it is conceivable that this exists independently of him. “I think it is at least questionable to base politics on this.”

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A fighter jet loaded with Taurus missiles