Tesco points ‘key’ warning to make your milk last more | UK | News | EUROtoday

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Tesco has issued a vital message to all of the individuals buying milk from the grocery store. The retailer has shared tips about storing the milk so it would not go off too shortly.

The grocery store, which rivals Sainsbury’s and Asda, clarifies that skimmed and semi-skimmed milk freeze extra successfully at house in comparison with full-fat milk.

This is attributed to the upper fats content material in full-fat milk, which does not freeze as efficiently.

It stated: “Milk is a key merchandise on most purchasing lists, however with such a brief shelf life, it could possibly go to waste when you do not use it quick sufficient. You can simply retailer it within the freezer to stop meals waste and avoid wasting cash.”

As per the guidance, you need to put the milk in a container that is safe for the freezer and won’t let air in because milk gets bigger when it freezes.

You can keep it frozen for up to six months, but it’s best to defrost it in the first month, reports Birmingham Live.

When you defrost it, do it in the fridge so it stays safe to drink.

Tesco advises: “All you must do previous to freezing is make some house within the high of the container through the use of up (or ingesting) a small glass of milk, leaving about 112 inches on the high of the bottle.”

They advise that your milk should be fully frozen after approximately 12 hours.

Healthline cautions that if milk defrosts at room temperature for an extended period, bacteria within it may proliferate, potentially causing illness.

They say: “This is as a result of the longer milk sits at room temperature, the extra doubtless it’s that any current traces of dangerous micro organism proliferate, probably inflicting the bacterial depend to grow to be excessive sufficient to trigger sickness from ingesting the milk”.

Tesco has a simple solution for thawing frozen milk.

They advise: “How to thaw frozen milk could be very easy: get it out of the freezer, and pop it into your fridge door (with a few kitchen towels wrapped round it, when you’re involved about condensation) to defrost in a single day.

“The subsequent morning, all you must do earlier than pouring it onto your cereal is give the bottle a great shake.”