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HASWhile the Moon is on the coronary heart of all needs, each private and non-private, Raphaël Chevrier, physician in nuclear physics, former science journalist, working within the house trade for nearly a decade, warns of the potential pitfalls of conquest spatial. In his current work, Space Reavers, revealed by Buchet-Chastel, this scientist now head of communications for MaiaSpace, a subsidiary of ArianeGroup, from which two winners of our newest record of inventors come, addresses the challenges linked to claims for lunar sources, highlighting the necessity for clear world governance to make sure equitable sharing of house wealth. Objective: to stop this journey from turning into a brand new Wild West thousands and thousands of kilometers from Earth and to guard our valuable widespread house heritage.

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Point : The building of the Luna Gateway station in orbit will probably be essential for NASA's Artemis program, aimed toward returning people to the Moon. What are the dangers of this building for the Moon?

Raphaël Chevrier: The dangers that I understand are above all geopolitical. Be cautious, in reality, to not export into house the tensions that we expertise on Earth. The United States doesn’t disguise it: its return to the Moon is strongly correlated with Chinese intentions to land on our satellite tv for pc earlier than 2030. While the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada are growing the Lunar Gateway, China and Russia have agreed to construct their very own “International Lunar Research Station”. In 2020, the United States drafted and proposed to the remainder of the world the Artemis Accords, a sequence of rules and guidelines governing, in a spirit of cooperation, the civil exploration and peaceable use of the Moon. Unsurprisingly, China and Russia have nonetheless not signed these agreements. France itself took time to take a place. Many individuals accuse the United States of being choose and jury, of imposing guidelines relating to lunar exploration of which they themselves are the initiators.

How polluted might the Moon be? Do future missions embody guidelines to guard the surroundings?

In order to higher supervise and regulate lunar exploration by the non-public sector, and making an allowance for the development of know-how and scientific information, NASA offered in July 2020 a brand new directive on planetary safety. Concretely, it would now be essential to “provide an inventory of biological material (living or dead) included in the equipment and payloads of spacecraft”. For crewed missions, the directive requires a listing of “the quantity of biological materials and their disposal, including waste, to be retained in the lunar environment.”

The United States additionally promulgated the legislation “The One Small Step to Protect Human Heritage in Space Act” on December 31, 2022, requiring corporations working for NASA to keep away from the Apollo mission websites, thought of widespread heritage of humanity should be completely preserved. It's a very good begin, however it's not sufficient. What will occur if, tomorrow, a 100% non-public firm determined to land and set up its infrastructure on a lunar space of ​​scientific curiosity? Who might deny him entry, and below what circumstances? These are concrete circumstances which indicate putting the notion of the widespread good on the coronary heart of house actions.

Let us keep in mind, nonetheless, that the current failures to land on the Moon present to what extent these house missions stay terribly complicated. The Moon right now symbolizes a brand new type of house race, notably between the United States and China, however it will be imprudent to anticipate an actual colonization of our pure satellite tv for pc in the long run, as this is able to mobilize human sources and appreciable monetary prices.

Could lunar air pollution have repercussions on Earth?

In low orbit, the multiplication of satellites and particles actually blocks the view of astronomers, who see them incessantly move earlier than the attention of their telescopes. If we enhance the variety of satellites and house particles on and across the Moon, this might even have main penalties for science. It can also be our private relationship with the cosmos that known as into query. Changing the physiognomy of the Moon could be upsetting for sure cultures which give it a elementary place. One nation or non-public firm can’t determine for the remainder of the world what the night time sky ought to seem like sooner or later.

As a scientist, what expectations do you have got relating to regulation for lunar safety?

My issues relate much less to the safety of the Moon as a celestial physique, and extra to calling into query the notion of “common good”. For instance, the founding textual content of the 1967 house treaty states that “the exploration and use of outer house, together with the Moon and different celestial our bodies, [doivent être menées] for the great and within the curiosity of all States.” Furthermore, Article 2 prohibits “national appropriation by proclamation of sovereignty, nor by way of use or occupation, nor by any other means” of house objects. However, one of many causes for returning to the Moon issues the exploitation of ice water, ores, and even, in the long term, helium 3, an isotope virtually non-existent on Earth, which may very well be utilized in nuclear fusion reactors.

In this context, the United States, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and Japan have already dealt a blow to the house treaty by assuming the correct to commercially exploit house sources. The absence of a transparent and consensual line might result in the adoption of competing or contradictory nationwide legal guidelines. The undeniable fact that the non-public sector is in flip getting down to conquer the Moon additional complicates the equation. Indeed, what is going to occur the day when two non-public corporations wish to perform the identical exercise, in the identical place, to extract the identical useful resource?

Like the excessive seas, we will think about that the Moon is giant sufficient that the query of sharing useful resource extraction websites doesn’t come up. Except that sure sources might turn into extra scarce than anticipated. We already know that shadowy craters containing water ice are concentrated within the polar areas, which is why most up-to-date Chinese, Russian, Indian or American probes focused the craters of the South Pole of the Moon. . On the Moon as in low orbit, we should transfer away from this logic borrowed from the Wild West of “first come, first served” and not using a sheriff on a world scale.