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Interesting run Daniel Ruizwith two massive bulls, a full plaza, and a Fernando Adrin who overwhelmed till he tore off three ears and left on his shoulders subsequent to Manzanares, with a blurred Roca Rey.

'Marismeo' opened the bullring, a specimen that was protested for being weak within the first levels however which stood out as a fantastic bull, of outstanding class, particularly for the proper piton. Already within the good reception of Vernica de Manzanares, Daniel Ruiz identified its high quality.

In the muleta activity there have been packing tickets and cadence, however the class of his antagonist required larger registers. Mat receiving his fingers was the primary ear of the afternoon.

The room moved jerkily. However, Manzanares please with out becoming boredwith Daniel Ruiz giving him, every now and then, a snatch, putting his face till the top and the great thrust charged on the first time put the ear in his hand that opened the large door for him.

The receipt of Fernando Adrin's cape on the second was to burst boilers, with three lanterns on their knees that exposed a disposition in direction of unequivocal triumph.

Daniel Ruiz's lasted, however he didn’t have the depth that his brother ran within the first flip. Adrian had a troublesome time and shine considerably inconsistently, coming nearer when the bull irrevocably collapsedripping off each his ears.

Two vernicas from Fernando Adrin's receipt to the fifth have been a dream, for the proper piton. Daniel Ruiz's bull was like a dream, courageous for the 2 pitons.

Adrin gave it his all, though the technical coupling was intermittent, staying an excessive amount of on prime with out letting his opponent come, and marring the ultimate spherical with hooks with these mendacity asking for a pardon.

In the top, the prize for the bullfighter, after a puncture and a half up, was an ear, and for the bull to return to the ring.

The third was returned for breaking his left pin when he caught it within the sand and used it as leverage. In its place got here a coarser hat that he attacked with vigor.

Roca Rey devices a quick jam and lengthy, with few subtleties, with some remoted part of command, however that didn’t make it into the strains. Furthermore, he killed poorly.

Nor did I enthuse the lengthy and hardly thrilling transfer to the very manageable sixth, with a Roca Rey who made wild passes and failed with the steels.

Illescas bullring (Toledo). First bullfight of the Miracle Fair. Full of “No bills.”

Six Daniel Ruiz bulls have been fought, inconsistently introduced. First in nice class, applauded within the drag. Second noble and manageable. Third embedded. Jumpy room. The fifth, courageous, named Juguetn, quantity 57, black mulatto, was rewarded with returning to the ring. Very manageable sixth.

Jos Mara Manzanares (rioja and jet): entire lunge indifferent receiving and a hair loss (ear); entire lunge up (ear).

Fernando Adrin (of tobacco and gold): nearly whole lunge considerably mendacity (two ears); puncture and a half up (ear with warning).

King Rock (catafalque and gold): entire low lunge (silence); puncture and a half up (silence).