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Michael Portillo delivered a easy slap down of Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary after the Brexit-hating multi-millionaire voiced enjoyment of Brexiteers “dying out”.

In an offensive interview with the Sunday Times, the Irish CEO stated he’s hopeful concerning the future because the over-70s who voted for Brexit will “die out in the next 10 or 15 years”, describing the heartless declare as a “good thing”.

He stated that whereas the UK is unlikely to ever totally rejoin the EU, Britain will “rejoin the European single market in the next five to 10 years, in a Swiss-style deal or a Norwegian-style deal”.

Responding to the newest assault on Brexiteers by the pro-EU businessman, Michael Portillo hit out on the Ryanair boss saying it’s a “fantastic way to talk about your passengers!”

The former Tory minister fumed: “Brexit was not about the convenience of Ryanair, or even about air passengers!”

“It was about the sovereignty of this country. It was about making sure that the decisions that affect our daily lives are taken by people that we can vote for and vote against.

“Those decisions being made at the level of the European Union, that did not happen.”

He swiped that whereas Michael O’Leary may know find out how to run an airline, he “doesn’t know very much about accountability in politics!”

The airline magnate has been persistently against Brexit each within the run as much as the referendum and because the large democratic revolt.

He claimed Britain would find yourself wanting “stupid” in unsuccessful makes an attempt to steer Britons to stay with the undemocratic bloc.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Mr O’Leary bemoaned that Britain’s exit from the Single Market has “made flying to and from the UK more complicated, bureaucratic and expensive”.

He claimed that leaving the Single Markert “was the greatest act of economic self-harm perpetrated by any western government, the dumbest f***ing idea in history delivered by the dumbest politicians in history”.

He furiously added: “Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are lunatic halfwits”.

Amid airport chaos in 2022, then-Transport Secretary Grant Shapps denied that Brexit had brought on issues for flyers.

Mr Shapps identified that many airports throughout Europe have been additionally experiencing comparable issues with cancellations, queues and baggage.

He identified: ““If it was just the Brexit issue, then that wouldn’t be the case”.

Mr Shapps accused airways of creating “too deep” job cuts in the course of the pandemic, after which being left understaffed when worldwide holidays resumed.

“Airports across Europe have also had the same queues, so if it was just a Brexit issue, then that wouldn’t be the case.

“As with lorry drivers, we found the solutions were actually in making sure decent salaries were paid, that people was trained here in this country, that people were attracted to a job not just by better salaries but also better conditions as well.”