Sánchez asks for Ayuso's resignation as much as thrice and Feijo accuses him of being Koldo's “accomplice” | EUROtoday

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Expectation within the Government management session in Congress within the face of the greater than foreseeable confrontation between socialists and well-liked on behalf of Koldo and Isabel Daz Ayuso's boyfriend. And they haven’t upset.

The chief of the PP has not given any detours in his head to head with the President of the Government. Feijo has accused Pedro Sánchez of getting remained silent in a “complicit” perspective within the face of the “economic corruption” of his Government on behalf of the Koldo case straight associated in his opinion to the shady go to of Nicols Maduro's vice chairman to the Barajas airport in the course of the night time and loaded with suitcases. “Why have you not given explanations to the citizens about what only you can answer? Show your face because this affects your party, your Government and probably affects you too,” the well-liked.

The President of the Government in his reply has insisted that the Executive “collaborates with Justice and without double standards” and has then demanded that Feijo demand the resignation of Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Community of Madrid for the alleged tax crimes of her boyfriend. “Have courage even if it costs you your job like Pablo Casado,” he mentioned.

“Guns, sordid photographs, Ferraris, tips, the more he turns on the fan, the more he proves his desperation,” Feijo responded. “Your Government is being investigated and probably also you. Surely at home they are not very happy with what you just said,” the chief pressured. well-liked in a tacit allusion to the contacts of Sánchez's spouse, Begoa Gómez, with Globalia simply earlier than Air Europa was rescued with greater than 600 million public euros.

The head of the Government has tried to cowl up the Koldo case by alluding to the friendship that the chief of the Popular Party maintained years in the past with “a drug trafficking boss” in Galicia and he has settled the talk by stating: “With that record you have climbed to the top in your party but in mine you would not have been able to even become a town councillor.”

Cuca Gamarra and Alberto N

Cuca Gamarra and Alberto Nez Feijo, within the management session.BreatheEFE

The 'carpet query' by Gmez de Celis

Cuca Gamarra has additionally hammered dwelling the problem. According to the final secretary of the PP, Sánchez “uses the law to stay in The Moncloa “corruptly shopping for energy with impunity” and also adding “the financial corruption and battle of curiosity” of the president due to his wife's contacts with companies related to the Koldo plot.

The first vice president, Mara Jess Montero, has accused the popular of never being in favor of proposals that benefit citizens and has listed a list of measures approved by the Government. Gamarra has called Montero's intervention “self-defense” and has assured: “They aren’t going to intimidate us” and, then, asked him what his decisions have been in relation to the PSOE corruption plot and in favor of companies directly. related to the Koldo case, as is the case of Air Europa.

In this bitter control session, the PSOE, against parliamentary habit, has chosen to use a question time for the Government. It is what is known as carpet question, a question that is put on a plate to the Executive by one of its own deputies so that the appropriate minister can shine. In this case the protagonist has been the vice president of the Chamber, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, who has asked María Jesús Montero her opinion about the proposal of the mayor of Seville to charge a toll for tourists who wish to access the Plaza de Spain from Seville. The minister has assured that the Government will never allow the “privatisation of public house.”