Vladimir Putin as soon as once more threatens nuclear struggle… however not instantly | EUROtoday

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LRussia is prepared for fight. In an interview with native media on Wednesday March 13, President Vladimir Putin warned the West that Russia was technically “ready” for the potential for nuclear struggle, however that “there is no rush” sooner or later. rapid.

“From a military-technical point of view, we are obviously ready,” declared the 71-year-old president and candidate for re-election, throughout elections held from March 15 to 17. According to Vladimir Putin, the United States can also be conscious that if it deployed American troops on the bottom, on Russian territory or in Ukraine, it might be thought of an intervention by Russia.

“The United States has enough specialists in the field of Russian-American relations and strategic restraint,” the pinnacle of the Russian Federation stated. And to proceed: “That’s why I don’t think everything is rushing us towards that [une guerre nucléaire], but we are ready for it. »

“Weapons exist to be used”

Vladimir Putin additionally recalled that Russian doctrine supplied for using nuclear weapons within the occasion of the same assault, Reuters report. “Weapons exist to be used,” he stated. “We have our own principles. » He nevertheless indicated that Russia had never faced the need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

The threat of atomic weapons had already been raised several times since the invasion in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The Russian president, for example, reiterated it during his speech to the nation on February 29. “They must understand that we also have weapons, weapons that could defeat them on their own territory,” warned the presidential candidate for a fifth time period, addressing Western international locations.

“We also have weapons capable of hitting targets on your territory,” he warned, accusing Western international locations of being blinded by their “Russophobia,” and promising “a tragic fate” to those that invade Russia.