The PP expands the grievance towards Sánchez for benefiting his spouse from the Council of Ministers | EUROtoday

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The deputy secretary of Autonomous and Local Coordination and Electoral Analysis of the PP, Elas Bendodohas introduced the celebration's resolution to develop the grievance they’ve filed towards the President of the Government earlier than the Conflict of Interest Officeafter having realized of recent information that, in his opinion, exhibit that Pedro Sánchez benefited the pursuits of his spouse, Begoa Gmezfrom the Council of Ministers.

“Every day the scandals grow and one day's scandal covers the previous day's,” stated the chief of the PP in an look within the Malaga city of Mijas earlier than saying that his celebration would develop the grievance towards the president after studying, as public this saturday The confidentialwhat Air Europa agreed to pay 40,000 euros per yr to worry Center of Begoa Gómez simply earlier than the Council of Ministers chaired by Pedro Sánchez agreed on the multimillion-dollar rescue of the airline firm. Of that quantity, the data provides, 15,000 euros can be reserved to pay for top quality flights for the spouse of the President of the Government and his workforce.

“The Council of Ministers,” Bendodo harassed, “cannot benefit anyone's partner, much less that of the President of the Government.” “Snchez has to clear many X's from the Koldo plot; Why did you stop shooting him and then place him as a deputy to vote him out; You have to explain how many VIP flights there have been to the Dominican Republic and Venezuela; what was in the suitcases Delcy Rodriguez brought to Spain and, furthermore, why he rewarded companies that had a clear connection with his wife,” he added earlier than demanding a “public appearance” from Sánchez “to clarify his role in this plot.”

Bendodo has referred to this week as “disastrous for the Government and for the country”, a couple of days, he recalled, “in which more details of the Koldo plot “which in response to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office is a felony group” that, he added, “impacts the Government of Pedro Sánchez.”

“The fan is damaged”

For the PP deputy, the most astonishing thing is that instead of giving explanations, Sánchez has dedicated himself to “throwing mud and beginning the fan to cowl up the corruption that surrounds him” but, he stated, “the fan breaks down and Sánchez's filth stays in his Government, in his celebration and in his home.”

The leader popular has also attacked the Government for its decision not to present the State Budget project for the current year due to the fear that, with an eye on the imminent Catalan elections carried out by Pere Aragons, it will not be able to attract the support of the political parties. independentistas, ERC and Junts.

Bendodo has insisted that the lack of Budgets is due once again to Sánchez's concessions to the independentists and has regretted that “all residents should be subjected to the blackmail of Puigdemont“. In this sense, he recalled Sánchez's words in 2018 when he assured that “a Government with out budgets is as ineffective as a automobile with out gasoline.”

He has also referred to the approval this week in Congress of the amnesty law proposal, a grace measure that in his opinion “has two beneficiaries: Puigdemont and Sánchez. One to free himself from jail and the opposite to proceed sitting in jail.” “La Moncloa chair”.

“This smells dangerous, it smells of decomposition,” he insisted, “it is a Government surrounded by corruption, with out Budgets, that swallows every thing that the independence motion calls for and in a everlasting sit-down strike. We are dealing with essentially the most precarious Government in democracy, it smells like the top of the cycle as a result of every thing depends upon whether or not Puigdemont raises his hand or lowers it. And he added: “The Spaniards do not deserve this Government, which can be summed up in one sentence: zero Budgets and a lot of corruption.”