Congress approves investigating the acquisition of masks within the pandemic with the PP abstaining and Vox voting no | EUROtoday

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The plenary session of Congress has authorised by majority, with the abstention of the PP and the vote towards Vox, the creation of a brand new investigation fee into alleged circumstances of corruption within the buy of masks throughout the pandemic, which is able to start with the Koldo case.

The new congressional investigation fee, requested by the PSOE, has acquired 175 favorable votes, these of Sánchez's parliamentary companions, plus CC, UPN and the previous socialist deputy José Luis Balós, whereas 136 deputies of the PP and The 33 Vox deputies voted towards.

This is the third investigation fee, after these created within the Senate and the Balearic Parliament, and on this event the target is to make clear “the facts, responsibilities and lessons” concerning the contracting of well being provides throughout the pandemic by celebration by celebration. of the State Administration and its totally different organizations, in addition to different public administrations.

The deputies will due to this fact not solely deal with the Koldo casebut in addition within the alleged scams of different masks contracts linked to the Madrid's neighborhood He heard his metropolis council “without double standards, with absolute transparency and conviction, no matter who falls.”

And, in line with the PSOE spokesperson, Esther Pea“this country needs answers to make the pertinent modifications so that scoundrels do not sneak in through the back door again or that no one or no family member opens the door for them.”

“No one should feel intimidated by this commission, we are not,” he mentioned in protection of his creation, a lot of it devoted to the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and to the tax investigation opened into his associate.

According to the socialist deputy, the chief of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, stays silent about this investigation by the Tax Agency on account of “complicity” and “cowardice.” “You don't have what it takes to ask for Mrs. Ayuso's resignation,” he mentioned.

After an offended intervention, the PP has determined to abstain by making the resignation of the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, a situation of its “yes”, contemplating her a kind of concerned within the Koldo caseand recalled that it is going to be within the Senate, the place the PP has an absolute majority, the place a “truly independent commission” might be held.

The deputy common Macarena Montesinos He has harshly criticized Armengol, a number of ministers and former ministers and even the spouse of President Pedro Sánchez, Begoa Gómez, saying that “it would be unpresentable” if his agenda “could influence the decisions of the Executive.”

After accusing the President of the Government and Minister Mara Jess Montero of being “at the center of the Koldosfera“, the deputy has asserted that this case “is not a plot of four socialist sausages. “There are all those that are or have been one thing throughout Sanchismo.”

The same is the opinion of Vox, which believes that the PSOE is incapable of demanding responsibilities in a commission of investigation into corruption, because they have “145 years of historical past and none of honesty,” according to its deputy for the Balearic Islands. Jorge Camposwho has also asked for Armengol's resignation.

“The chorizosphere through which you might be built-in is colossal, it’s virtually larger than the ego and lies of Pedro Sánchez,” he denounced.

Four months length

Sumar has acknowledged that the commission is “mandatory” but has asked to “go additional, irrespective of who falls”: not only “punish the corrupt,” but to try “to make sure that it by no means occurs once more.”

Your deputy Aina Vidal He has alluded to the “tiredness of the road” before the political class and has defended the “respectable individuals who didn’t take benefit” in the worst of the pandemic, against the “4 gulfs” who profited “within the hardest moments” .

Unlike PP and Vox, I do know that they have voted in favor of the UPN commission, to “confront obscurantism” and for citizens to know “the reality” of what happened. The commission has also obtained the support of the PNV, which has advocated for the “clarification” of what happened, and of EH Bildu, which sees in this initiative “a powerful alternative to open the doorways and home windows of the establishments” and see “who and the way it has confronted an particularly troublesome state of affairs” for citizens.

It is time to clarify, the Canarian Coalition has defended since the Mixed Groupwhere Podemos has advocated, in a speech critical of the bipartisanship, for “bringing to mild all forms of corrupt plots, wherever they arrive from”, and the BNG has asked to be “relentless” against corruption.

The Congressional investigation commission will have a duration of four extendable months and will be made up of three representatives of each parliamentary group of more than one hundred deputies, two for each group with a number greater than eight and less than one hundred, and one representative of each from the rest of the groups.