Attack in Moscow “predicted” on March 7 by the US embassy: “Concerts at risk, avoid rallies” | EUROtoday

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«The Embassy is monitoring reviews that extremists plan to focus on massive gatherings in Moscow, together with concert events, and US residents are suggested to keep away from massive gatherings over the following 48 hours. Actions to take: Avoid crowds. Follow native media for updates. Pay consideration to your environment.”

A terse note dated March 7th from the American Embassy in Moscow had somehow anticipated the attack on March 22nd, i.e. 15 days later, at the Crocus concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow.

The American diplomatic alert identified “live performance halls” as possible targets, a prediction that turned out to be well founded. The only “mistake” issues the timing, as a result of the observe from the American embassy launched the alert within the following 48 hours whereas the assault happened 15 days later.