The Prosecutor's Office requests 22 years in jail for the accused of sending six letters with explosives to Sánchez, Robles and several other embassies | EUROtoday

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The fiscal asks for 22 years in jail for Pompeyo Gonzalezthe previous official of the Vitoria City Council 74-year-old arrested in Burgos for sending six letters with explosives in 2022 to the President of the Government, the Minister of Defense, the corporate Instalaza in Zaragozato the embassies of USA y Ukraine in Madrid and to the satellite tv for pc middle of the Base Area of ​​Torrejn de Ardoz (Madrid).

The prosecutor of the National Court Ana No accuses him of against the law of terrorism (10 years) and one other of producing, possession, placement and use of explosive gadgets (12 years), and in addition requests for him a measure of six years of supervised freedom as soon as the jail sentence has been accomplished. .

He additionally calls for fee of compensation of 1,500 euros for the Ukrainian embassy employee who was injured whereas dealing with the letter that the accused despatched there.

“Pompeyo González Pascual, contrary to the support provided to the Ukrainian nation by the Government of Spain, by that of the United States of America, as well as by other institutions based in national territory, with the aim of changing these positions and causing deep commotion in the normal peaceful coexistence of Spanish society” he made these artifacts in his dwelling in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), the prosecutor relates in her indictment.

It additionally considers that the quantity of explosive used “and its arrangement in the device would be sufficient to produce injuries of different magnitude depending on the proximity and the possible organs affected.”

This might happen “both due to the explosion of the substance itself and due to the impact of the incorporated shrapnel (lead pellets) and that produced by the fragmentation of the metal profile due to the confinement of the explosive and other elements used for its manufacture (mainly nuts and bolts). screws )”.

Released with precautions

On April 14, the decide within the case, Jose Luis Calamalaunched this retired official from the Vitoria City Council after nearly three months in preventive detention since his arrest in January within the operacin Konvert (“about” in Ukrainian).

To assure his presence in a future trial, he was obliged to seem each week within the courtroom closest to his dwelling, the prohibition of leaving the nation, the withdrawal of his passport and the duty to determine an handle the place he can be positioned.

Between November 18 and 21, 2022, I despatched from the town of Burgos the envelope addressed to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, which was acquired on November 24 within the Moncloa Palace complicated, the place it was discovered that it might include some kind of artifact.

“The security protocol was then activated and the package was controlledly detonated,” which contained an explosive cost “of perchlorate/chlorate of pyrotechnic origin and a nitrate-based gunpowder,” the letter particulars.

The explosive gadget addressed to the Ukrainian ambassador in Spain arrived on the embassy in Madrid on November 30, and when suspicions arose, the safety guard “took the box out to the patio.”

“Upon lifting it a little he saw a rectangular piece of metal with holes on the sides, holding it by what seemed to him to be the activator of an artifact” and, “fearing that this was the case, he threw it towards the ground, at which point it “exploded, inflicting an open wound on his proper hand.”

The envelope addressed to the director of the Instalaza company, dedicated to the manufacture of military material such as the C90 rocket launcher used by the Ukrainian Army, was received on November 30.

“As it was suspicious as a result of it didn’t have a postmark or extra details about the sender than the Gmail electronic mail, and the corporate was incorrectly named on the envelope, the safety staff remoted it in an adjoining warehouse” and when they learned of the existence of a package similar bomb sent to the Ukrainian Embassy notified the Civil Guard, which proceeded to its controlled explosion.

The device addressed to the director of the Satellite Center (SATCEN) of the Torrejn de Ardoz air base was received on November 30, 2022 at the office of Correos from this Madrid town, passing the venue's security scanner and sent to delivery.

“Although, given the similarity of the bundle with the one collected on the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​the safety protocol was activated, continuing to deactivate it,” the letter indicates.

Finally, on December 1, an envelope addressed to its owner, Margarita Robles, arrived at the Ministry of Defense.

Controlled Detonacin

When the package was passed through the scanner “it was confirmed that it contained nails, metal balls, an digital circuit and natural materials, so the emergency protocol was activated,” and in an isolated and safe area in the interior patio of the building, the procedure was carried out. to its controlled detonation.

That same day the sixth shipment arrived, this time addressed to the United States ambassador in Spain, and it was detected at noon on the security scanner.

“This gave rise to making use of the motion protocol, finishing up site visitors and folks cuts, establishing two police safety belts within the surrounding streets, evacuating public institutions and stopping entry and exit of properties within the space, till the “carried out the deactivation of the device.”

The improvised explosive gadgets of the “postal device” kind manufactured by the defendant offered similarities of their construction and composition, differing in the kind of explosive substance used, signifies the prosecutor.

Some of the weather used within the manufacture of the artifacts had been discovered within the search of his dwelling.

Furthermore, previous to materializing the shipments, I consulted the web sites of the Ministry of the Presidency, the corporate Instalaza and the Satellite Center of the European Union, and in addition searched on Google for “Margarita Robles Wikipedia.”

On her cell phone, the prosecutor notes, she additionally had the Telegram, RT Noticias and Sputnik purposes put in, “these last two official applications of the government media of the Russian Federation. As well as the Sputnik VPN application, focused on 'falsifying' the geolocation of the user”.

He additionally made queries on the Internet resembling “if the gunpowder is wrapped with nails it can explode” and “if the gunpowder is not mixed well it can cause it to not ignite.”

Also about bundle bombs and metal pipes, or about “how much a liter of uranium weighs”, “learn Russian in 10 days”, “where tanks are manufactured in Spain” and “latest videos of the Ukrainian war”.

During the month of July 2022, I carried out varied consultations on home made potassium nitrate, gunpowder fuses and firecracker shops.