The embassies of the United States and the United Kingdom had warned of the potential of a terrorist assault in Moscow | EUROtoday

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The embassies of United States and the United Kingdom in Russia They had already warned urgently at the start of March about the potential of a terrorist assault in Moscow within the subsequent 24 to 48 hours. The US embassy urged US residents to remain away from concentrations huge.

Per week and a half later, on March 19, Putin disqualified Western warnings about the potential of terrorist assaults in Russia, calling them “absolute blackmail.”

Finally, just a few hours after the assault, the Islamic State (IS) has claimed accountability for the assault, in keeping with the terrorist group's channel in Telegram. “Islamic State fighters attacked a large group of Christians in the city of Krasnogorsk, on the outskirts of the Russian capital, Moscow, and killed at least 60 people, injured a hundred others and caused extensive destruction there before safely retreating to their bases. The United States has intelligence information confirming this claim, a US official told Reuters on Friday.

On the 19th, the Russian president denounced the intention to intimidate and destabilize Russian society. It was at the meeting with the leadership of the FSB security service that Putin referred to “the latest provocations of assorted constructions Western officers about the potential of terrorist assaults in Russia.” In any case, the president instructed the FSB to seriously strengthen anti-terrorist activity in all areas.

Dozens dead in terrorist attack at concert hall near Moscow

One day before the Western notice, the FSB announced that its agents had Islamic State terrorist attack thwarted against a synagogue in Moscow. Russia's state news agency TASS said FSB agents had killed several members who were planning the attack, citing the FSB press office. It is not clear if the incident is related with the warning of the United States.

This Friday, several armed men opened fire on those attending a concert in the hall Crocus City Hallin Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, and then they started a fire inside the building. The concert hall is located in a shopping center next to other businesses such as hotels and restaurants. At least 40 people have died and a hundred more have been injured.

The United States assured this Friday that there are no indications that Ukraine participated in the “horrible” attack, reports Efe.

In a press conference, one of the White House spokespersons, John Kirby, explained that the United States is still gathering information about the event, but said that “for the time being there isn’t a any indication that Ukraine or Ukrainian residents are concerned.”

Ukraine black through the advisor to the president of the country, Volodmir Zelensky, Mijailo Podoliak, any involvement in the massacre. For his part, former Russian president Dmiti Medvedev stated that Russia “destroy” the Ukrainian leaders if it is proven that they are involved in the attack.

“If it’s established that they’re terrorists of the kyiv regime (…), they are going to be situated and destroyed with out mercy, like terrorists. Including the leaders of the State that dedicated such an atrocity,” Mdvedev, quantity two on the Russian Security Council, said on Telegram.