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Brett Young has quietly reigned supreme within the nation music scene. After greater than ten years on phases, he has greater than 5 million month-to-month Spotify listeners, has constantly delivered chart-topping albums, bought out reveals around the globe, and – one way or the other – stays extraordinarily humble.

In May this yr, the Orange County native might be headlining Highways Festival 2024 at The Royal Albert Hall. And, talking completely to about it the day earlier than his forty third birthday, he recognised how a lot of a privilege the expertise might be.

“I think [it’s] a lot of firsts,” he nervously laughed. “Haven’t played the festival [before]haven’t played the venue and closing it out will be a blast.”

Despite the scale and grandeur of Highways Festival, although, Brett was grateful that British audiences have been so “attentive” throughout his gigs prior to now. “We’ve been getting such a good response when we come over that we always get excited when we get to come back,” he went on.

Oddly sufficient, the musician shared that his Highways set is probably going going to be extra music and fewer Brett total. “It’s interesting building a set for a show [in the UK] just because the fanbase is quite different … they’re very respectful listeners and concertgoers. And so whereas I would worry about talking too much in the States when I go over there, I feel like the story behind the song is actually anticipated and people are excited about that.”

I rapidly discovered that Brett’s willingness to alter and adapt is… fairly regular for him.

While he opened up about how he’ll cease speaking a lot on stage within the UK simply to slot in extra songs, he is additionally switching up his album methodology going ahead.

He most not too long ago launched Across the Sheets in August 2023 – his fourth studio album. But solely formally launched one single from the report. Now, he is able to modernise a little bit bit.

“We’re doing something a little different with the next album,” he defined. “To give people more music more often is kind of a goal. So I don’t know how soon you’ll see a full body of work come out as an ‘album’, quote unquote.

“So a lot as making an attempt to – virtually – tease the album with a music each 4 to eight weeks … We’re gonna sort of come at it from that from that angle.”

He went on to say that another goal of his next album (of which he wouldn’t reveal the title) is to cater to everyone who loves his music.

“The love music, the heartbreak music, the household music,” he listed. “Or possibly even the social gathering music. One of as of late… we’ll see.”

Together, Brett and I got into the weeds about his album cycle and touring plans (he’s playing some massive shows in the UK this year), but his dedication and obsession come not just from the desire to be on stage, but his – seemingly genuine – love for the fans.

Speaking about his audience with reverence, Brett confessed: “There completely is a big duty that I really feel to respect them – their arduous work and their hard-earned cash that they are spending. And, additionally, you assume well beyond it – I do in any case – I take into consideration the babysitter they needed to rent and pay, for the dinner they in all probability went out to. They did not simply spend cash, they gave us their entire night, you realize? So I really feel an enormous duty.

“And a lot of these people are not first-time concertgoers, a lot of people are seeing me for the third, fourth fifth time. I mean that’s a commitment that you have to honour and so we always try to, no matter what the day was like no matter how we’re feeling, the second we walk in the door to the arena, we put a different face on it we go.”

With that mentioned, Brett additionally wished to ship a message on to his British followers forward of his Highways Festival 2024 headliner spot: “Whether or not the new music hits you before we get there, there’s new music coming. We are playing stuff in the live show that we have not played over there before. So there’s some of my music that has not reached that side of the world that you’ll be hearing live and then we have some fun new covers that I think will surprise people a little bit too.

“We went again into the bag a little bit methods to do one thing enjoyable. So we’re our purpose is to simply come benefit from the followers like we all the time do and reconnect and possibly give them a little bit completely different expertise each time that we come over.

Highways Festival is happening on the Royal Albert Hall on Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, 2024. Get tickets right here.