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Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, during a meeting with senior state executives, in Paris, March 12, 2024.

It is Michel Houellebecq who writes it. “In real political life, at least in the reactor core, Bruno was more or less an outsider. » Bruno Juge, character from his latest novel, Annihilateand fictional double of the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, is “a good guy” who has “the confidence of the president”and seems “best placed” to succeed him. The drawback is that folks don't prefer it. They discover it ” competent “, ” worker ” And ” integrated “however not ” warm “ Or “empathetic”. Moreover, the president, who plans to return to energy 5 years later, is cautious of it.

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In actual life, Bruno Le Maire, for seven years at Bercy, says he doesn't take into consideration what's subsequent. His newest work, The French Way, printed on March 20, the sixth since 2017, was however instantly learn as a occupation of religion for 2027. Shorter than the earlier ones, this political essay talks concerning the economic system, sovereignty and public funds, but in addition ecology, of the struggle in opposition to medication, institutional reforms, secularism, and the observe of energy. Necessary reforms to “finish the job” and keep away from “an electoral failure in 2027”. But additionally main initiatives supposed to keep off this “declassification” which obsesses France, “never satisfied with her destiny”.

“When I made a program book, it was over a thousand pages”, the minister defended himself on France Inter on March 18, swearing that he was a minister and never a candidate. In truth, the avenues talked about have, for a lot of of them, already been formulated by the individual involved in latest months. They are a part of the Macronian software program centered on work and reforms to free the “forces of the economy”, even when they go additional for some. “Pompidou, after de Gaulle, did not seek to write history, it had been made by his predecessor”he writes.

“Replace the welfare state with the protective state”

To obtain full employment, it intends to entrust the administration of unemployment insurance coverage to the State slightly than to social companions. Review the indexation of the minimal wage to inflation to recreate a wage dynamic extra linked to productiveness. Consider making a share of capitalization to finance pensions within the face of demographic ageing. Focus the well being system on “the most vulnerable and the elderly” slightly than the” open bar “ present. And rethink the financing of the French social mannequin, by transferring it extra in direction of VAT, a tax paid by everybody, slightly than levies on work.

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