The Prosecutor's Office opposes the request for freedom of Antonio Tejado, nephew of María del Monte | People | EUROtoday

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The Prosecutor's Office has opposed the request for freedom made earlier than the Investigative Court quantity 16 of Seville by the protection of Antonio Tejado. María del Monte's nephew has been in provisional jail since final February because the alleged mastermind of the assault and theft with violence dedicated within the Gines chalet the place the artist lives along with his spouse, the journalist Inmaculada Casal, in August 2023, because it has progressed Seville newspaper and sources from the Public Ministry confirmed this Tuesday, March 26. The Prosecutor's Office has additionally opposed the discharge of the opposite 5 defendants, together with the Russian citizen Arseny Garibyan, at present in provisional jail with Tejado (and whom he accuses of being the chief of the group), understanding that the motives proceed to weigh. used for the precautionary measure of imprisonment for all of them. Regarding Arseny Garibyan, the proposal for his launch has raised the potential materialization of his expulsion in Spain, which has additionally led to the denial of the request. According to him Seville newspaperthe Prosecutor's Office calls for that within the occasion that the Justice of the Peace may determine the provisional launch of the six investigated, a bail of 100,000 euros be imposed on Tejado and Garibyan, and 50,000 euros on the opposite 4 investigated.

When ordering the entry into jail of those folks, the investigating decide of the case, Juan Gutiérrez Casillas, highlighted the “extreme violence” to which the singer, his spouse and the opposite victims who have been in the home in the course of the assault. The judicial decision detailed that from the investigations of the Civil Guard it’s deduced that at round 4:40 on August 25, 2023, the investigated Arseny Garibyan, José SA, Antonio SR, José Ramón MM and Miguel Ángel GT “accessed the interior of the house ” de Gines inhabited by the artist María del Monte and his spouse, Inmaculada Casal.

They did so “hooded with gloves and dark clothing, assaulting the perimeter fence and the exterior access door of the property from the rear and later opening the main door of the house with the use of force,” says the textual content of the investigation. Likewise, it considers that Antonio Tejado, “in concert with the rest of those involved, facilitated the possibility for the rest of the accused to enter the property through the back door without the need for major damage to said door and allowing easy entry.” inside”. The knowledge that, due to his closeness as a nephew, he had of the artist's routines and the blind spots of the home in Gines – those that were not protected by security cameras – is what makes Tejado the alleged intellectual author of the robbery. .

“Once in the house, those investigated tied up and held the inhabitants of the house, beating them, mistreating them and threatening to kill them, until the owner of the house agreed to open the safe of the house, from which the assailants “They seized jewelry and watches worth approximately one million euros and 14,500 euros in cash, among other effects and belongings inside the home,” the order states. The order thus specifies that María del Monte, his wife and three other people who were in the house “suffered a violent and coercive robbery with disproportionate use of physical force by the perpetrators, with a situation of great danger for the community.” integrity of the victims and nice anxiousness and well-founded terror in them.”

María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal already testified before the court on February 16. “I ask for caution and prudence,” warned the singer, who defended the presumption of innocence of her nephew, before the crowd of journalists waiting for her outside the courthouse. The tonadillera testified for more than two hours before the judge investigating the robbery. “Reliving this is very hard,” she said then. María del Monte was confirmed in the complaint that she filed on August 25.

For his part, his nephew, Antonio Tejado, was released from prison to testify on March 15. During his appearance, held at the request of his defense despite the fact that he initially refused to testify, he disassociated himself from any participation in the crimes of which he is accused, ensuring that his role is limited to being a friend of Arseny Garibyan, the alleged leader of the group involved in the assault on the artist's chalet and an old acquaintance of the Sevillian police for criminal acts related to debt collection and coercion of businessmen. Precisely, after Tejado's appearance, this other defendant also came to testify. Garibyan, known as The Russianis a professional boxer, champion of Spain in 2016. It is in 2020, when the spotlights of the easy fame of the realitieswhen the nephew of the tonadillera begins to share photos on social networks in the gym run by Garibyan's father, in the Sevillian neighborhood of La Macarena.

Known for being an everyday on coronary heart and soul applications realities (Survivors, Big Brother) till he left tv in 2019, Tejado has been in provisional jail because the alleged mastermind of the violent assault and theft of his aunt's home since final February 12.