Esther McVey claims Labour has been captured by ‘woke extremists’ | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Labour has been captured by woke extremists who have no idea what a girl is, Esther McVey warned.

The Common Sense Minister stated current referendums present how out of contact many politicians are with the general public.

Ms McVey revealed she is inundated with messages from voters pissed off with politically appropriate “clap trap”.

Voters in Ireland earlier this month overwhelmingly rejected plans to vary the wording of the structure on the definition of households and the function of girls within the dwelling.

Ms McVey stated the outcome confirmed the general public was “not prepared to be browbeaten” by the woke institution.

Writing within the Daily Express, Ms McVey stated: “The Brexit referendum showed how out of touch the political class often is with the public they claim to represent, this referendum in Ireland has shown that again with bells on.

“And yet still, the only UK Party leader standing firm against this woke obsession is Rishi Sunak, who – unlike Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer – seems to be the only one of them who can say what a woman is and is not afraid to say how important biological sex is.

“The Labour Party seems to have been completely captured by the woke extremists.”

Sir Keir final week once more refused to outline what a girl is, saying the trans debate have to be handled with respect.

Ms McVey added: “Recognising physical differences between the sexes should not be controversial. It is a scientific fact. Championing women and the family too should not be causing such hostility and opprobrium.

“Mercifully we are still a nation with common sense and have some brave souls prepared to speak out.

“Let’s hope the referendum result in Ireland brings about a retreat of the woke extremists in the UK as well.”