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HASith its black leather-based seats, the enclosure the place the National Assembly's fee of inquiry into digital terrestrial tv (DTT) takes place is rather more austere than the present's set Daily of TMC, channel of the TF1 group. With massive tortoiseshell glasses on his nostril, host Yann Barthès has deserted the jacket and tie he wears on display screen for a extra folkloric costume: an enormous inexperienced Carhartt fleece. “I swore to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so I’m not going to tell you I’m thrilled to be here. This is quite an unprecedented experience, we are summoned at the request of five deputies from the National Rally, while Élodie Bernard, co-manager of Bangumi, has already appeared before this commission. Among the five deputies who asked that we be interviewed, none was present at the time, neither Philippe Ballard nor Sébastien Chenu nor Jocelyn Dessigny nor Laurent Jacobellini nor Thomas Ménage. Luckily, some are here today,” assaults Yann Barthès, pointing on the elected officers.

Atmosphere ! The president of the fee of inquiry, the Renaissance deputy Quentin Bataillon, specifies that he thought of this listening to helpful and convened it though the request got here from the RN camp. Yann Barthès, accompanied by his columnist Julien Bellver, needs to mark his distinction with TPMP, the competing discuss present on C8 hosted by Cyril Hanouna, already heard by the fee of inquiry: “ Daily, it's zero slippage, zero sanction procedures, zero fines and zero formal notices from Arcom. »

The National Rally prohibits our journalists from accessing its meetingsLaurent Bon, producer of the show “Quotidien”

Dark anthracite grey jacket with stripes and Scottish scarf across the neck, the confederate of Yann Barthès, the producer Laurent Bon, co-manager of the Bangumi firm which manufactures Daily each night, the offensive continues: “The RN deputies therefore wanted to challenge us. The reports of Daily with politicians have never been simple, whether with power or with oppositions. But, even if these relations are tense, the freedom to inform is respected by all. Except by the National Rally which has been working hard for years to deny access to our journalists to its public meetings, meetings, press conferences or greeting ceremonies. This boycott, which is considered undemocratic, was accompanied on several occasions by physical violence. So it's an ironic moment for us. We are here at the request of the deputies of the RN party while they boycott, discredit and attack the teams of Daily For years. We are at your disposal to explain to you how we diverted this boycott to cover the news of the RN, if only out of respect for the millions of people who voted for them and out of the desire we have to respect pluralism . »

Magnetos and respect for speaking time

At that moment, tension was at its height in the National Assembly hall. We must see the rapporteur Aurélien Saintoul, Insoumis deputy, come to the aid of the RN deputies singled out by the Bangumi managers to remind us: “You are here in a commission, this is not the place for settling scores with any political formation. We seek to establish facts. »

Regarding respect for speaking time, Laurent Bon recalls that of the 480 guests since the start of the 2023 school year, only 33 women or politicians have been received on the set of the show, or 7% of the total. In the 2022-2023 season, it was 8%, with 49 policies out of 606 guests. ” It's a choice. Political talk saturates the media space and French television has the largest number of political meetings in the world. »

The deputies ask how the famous “recorders” of the present are chosen, who typically make enjoyable of politicians by revealing behind the scenes or repetitive parts of language. “How do you manage to respect speaking time? », asks Quentin Bataillon. “It depends on the news, if there is an LR or any party congress, we go there on the weekend and we deal with it. If there is too much news about a party, we try to see. We do not work based on the speaking time figure. There is a rebalancing over the quarter,” replies Yann Barthès. Arcom truly measures talking time in politics by coaching and by quarter. Director of program compliance for the TF1 group, Thomas Courcelle agrees: “For speaking time, the Bangumi teams must do a balancing act between editorial interest and respect for pluralism. It's very complex. »

Quotidien is the only PAF program that assumes to exclude part of the political spectrumThomas Ménage, RN deputy

It is finally the turn of the RN deputies to question Yann Barthès, Laurent Bon and their media columnist Julien Bellver. He said on Sud Radio: “We are a private channel, we do what we want. » The RN deputy Thomas Ménage is surprised: according to him, Daily “is the only PAF program which assumes the exclusion of part of the political spectrum from its programming […] We have peaceful relations with all media, for example Release Or Mediapart. TNT frequencies belong indirectly to the French and you exclude 13 million French people who voted Marine Le Pen in the last presidential election. »

Then he asks: “If tomorrow you are accredited to our meetings, is it possible that we will be invited to the set? » Response from Laurent Bon: “We cannot condition an invitation on accreditation […] If we are asked to receive you, if it is the law, obviously, we will […] We have not demonized the RN. » MP RN Thomas Ménage insists: “We talk about the quality of speaking time when we speak live on set. »

While producer Laurent Bon has just mentioned “all the violence” that journalists from Daily had been victims, Sébastien Chenu asks him for the judgments and convictions of the RN on this topic. The deputy then needs to know the revenue of Yann Barthès and Laurent Bon, in addition to the turnover of Bangumi. Questions to which the 2 males will reply confidentially in writing.

The controversial growth microphone

The newest infamous move of arms, the usage of the well-known growth microphone in an try to seize kind of discreet discussions. Insoumis MP Aurélien Saintoul complains of this “extremely intrusive” use and assures that one in every of his conversations was recorded, however not broadcast. “Only distribution counts,” replies Laurent Bon. Yann Barthès provides {that a} pole isn’t essentially discreet and that it’s merely a “journalism method”.

After the hearings of Yann Barthès and Cyril Hanouna, the 2 most watched discuss exhibits within the nation lastly had their hour of glory on the National Assembly, with the dissection of their manufacturing mechanics. Will these hearings be used within the upcoming allocation of DTT frequencies? Not certain. Broadcast, they’ll nonetheless have supplied nice moments of tv!