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The Government of Colombia introduced this Wednesday that it’s expelling Argentine diplomats from the nation. He does so after the president of that nation, Javier Milei, known as his counterpart Gustavo Petro a “terrorist murderer” in an interview with journalist Andrés Oppenheimer for CNN. In it, Milei recommended that Colombia, underneath Petro's mandate, can observe within the footsteps of Venezuela or Cuba: “The carnage that’s Venezuela is really unparalleled (sic), the identical because the jail island of Cuba. Then there are different circumstances which can be on the best way to… proper? Let's say, just like the case of Colombia with Mr. Petro, let's say… nicely, you’ll be able to't count on a lot from somebody who was a terrorist assassin, proper? Communist”.

At the end of the afternoon this Wednesday, the Colombian ambassador in Buenos Aires, Camilo Romero, assured that a response was being prepared: “The Colombian Government is exploring all measures. Decisions will be announced soon,” he said. The consequence was verified minutes later, through a brief official statement from the Colombian Foreign Ministry in which it points out what happened and remembers that it has precedents in other insulting criticisms by Milei of Petro. “The expressions of the Argentine president have deteriorated the confidence of our nation, in addition to offending the dignity of President Petro, who was democratically elected,” the document states. “The Government of Colombia orders the expulsion of diplomats from the Argentine Embassy in Colombia. The scope of this decision will be communicated to the Argentine Embassy through diplomatic institutional channels,” the statement concludes.

Milei's disqualification of Petro was added to the one he issued in the same interview against the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador: “That an ignorant person like López Obrador speaks badly of me exalts me.” At the meeting, the Argentine also reaffirmed his position as an ally of the Government of Israel and of his incursion into the Gaza Strip, another of the many positions that separate him from both Petro and López Obrador. “Everything it is doing is doing it within the rules of the game, Israel is not committing a single excess,” he stated.

Milei's attack on Petro means a new chapter in the disagreements between both leaders. When he was still a candidate for the presidency, the Argentine, in a provocative tone, said in an interview with Colombian radio RCN: “What is a socialist, deep down? He is trash, he is human excrement.” Petro responded by writing in his X profile that that was something the German dictator Adolf Hitler said. The ultraliberal economist replied in turn: “Those are part of the decadence.”

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