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As of: March 28, 2024 10:17 a.m

The prepare accident in March 2023 with 57 deaths continues to concern Greece to at the present time: criticism of the accident investigation continues, the federal government has to face accusations of a cover-up – and now a vote of no confidence.

Moritz Pompl

The station grasp who says through radio to a prepare driver: “You can drive, you can drive” and thus sends two trains onto a observe – which then collide head-on. This audio recording was launched just a few hours after the prepare accident on March 1, 2023 – a bit of proof that’s apparently not proof in any respect.

Since then, the Greek authorities has repeatedly referred to “human error” on the a part of railway workers. But possibly all the pieces was fully completely different? Journalist Vasilis Lambropoulos from the each day newspaper “To Vima” now studies that the audio recording was faux. Because it's purported to be a compilation wherein the station grasp talks to a prepare that wasn't concerned within the accident.

Now there’s an accusation that somebody deliberately modified the sound file. “This audio montage apparently served to cover up political responsibility by further underscoring the stationmaster's failure,” says Lambropoulos.

Relatives imagine there’s a cover-up

For elements of the opposition within the Greek parliament, that is cause sufficient to now elevate a vote of no confidence within the authorities. And family members like Maria Karistianou, who misplaced her daughter within the accident, imagine in a system. For them, it’s no coincidence that the accident website was rapidly paved over earlier than DNA traces could possibly be secured from all of the victims. The crime should be covered up in an organized manner. Only professionals are capable of this,” says Karistianou. It's horrible for the family members. “The thing about the audio file speaks even more that the whole truth has to come to light. That everyone, from the top to the bottom, must be punished for this crime.”

Greece's authorities describes the brand new allegations as “groundless.” Most lately, on the primary anniversary of the accident, Mitsotakis underlined his want to research: A parliamentary committee of inquiry had questioned dozens of witnesses, with a whole lot of items of proof.

“The justice system will bring light into the darkness, just as we all want,” he promised. “Progress is already progressing quickly and comprehensively. The first people will soon be held accountable. I have every confidence that the justice system will do justice to the case.”

EU-Public prosecutor decided

Several railway and authorities workers are accused and a few are in custody. However, family members and specialists see complicity in these accountable for politics: EU funds for safety know-how have been formally invested. But on the time of the accident, the digital management had apparently stopped working for a very long time.

The European Public Prosecutor's Office headed by Laura Kövesi has intervened and is investigating embezzlement. However, it can’t examine politicians straight – comparable to former transport ministers. This is totally a matter for Greece.

The accident would never have happened if the projects had been implemented. But we are literally blocked in our investigation,” says Kövesi. “And that's why we can't find out the truth. To do this, the Greek constitution would have to be changed.”

In an internet petition, 1.4 million Greeks at the moment are demanding that the immunity of ministers and ex-ministers be lifted. So far, this has failed in parliament, wherein Mitsotakis' social gathering holds an absolute majority. The vote of no confidence will in all probability have little impact on him.

Moritz Pompl, ARD Athens, tagesschau, March 27, 2024 4:00 p.m