The appointment of Rachida Dati to the federal government causes a break up throughout the Parisian proper | EUROtoday

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The Minister of Culture, Rachida Dati, arrives at the Matignon hotel on March 27, 2024.

“In 2020, Rachida Dati was nominated to represent Les Républicains in the municipal elections. She decided to leave LR for a personal adventure which weakens us collectively. » In an interview given Thursday March 28 to FigaroSenator Francis Szpiner announces that he will leave the right-wing group in the Paris Council with “a dozen Republicans and centrists established in different districts of Paris”. Everyone will discover themselves inside a brand new group, known as “Les Républicains et Centristes – Demain Paris!” “.

After the appointment of Rachida Dati to the government, senator Catherine Dumas succeeded her at the head of the Les Républicains group, avoiding an immediate split in the Parisian right. Since then, the active participation of Rachida Dati in a meeting of the head of the Renaissance list in the European elections, Valérie Hayer, has caused new internal turmoil.

“Rachida Dati is campaigning against the candidate [de] LR in the European elections, even though it is an important deadline for the right. In politics, you have to be responsible and have a little morality”argues Francis Szpiner, who claims to have obtained the “full support from Eric Ciotti and Hervé Morin”the leaders of the Republicans and the New Center.

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“Natural candidate” or primary for Renaissance

If he claims not to be a candidate for the municipal elections of 2026, the former mayor of 16e district judges that Rachida Dati “is no longer able today to embody the gathering, much less to build it”. “Can the rally take place around a “self-proclaimed” candidate who is unanimous neither in the presidential camp nor among the Republicans? I doubt. »

A recent Ipsos survey for La Tribune Sunday However, Rachida Dati is well ahead of voting intentions in the first round, including in the event of a rival candidacy from Senator Francis Szpiner on the right.

Since then, Sylvain Maillard, president of the Renaissance deputies and the Parisian federation of the party, has indicated that the presidential majority could come together behind a “natural candidate” for the 2026 municipal elections in Paris, without going through a primary, not excluding the name of Mme Dati.

” There are two prospects “explained Mr. Maillard: “or a natural candidate from our majority behind whom everyone unites”or one “vote” of its components (Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons, etc.) “so that there is a flying start”. Asked about the possible extension of this primary to members of the Republicans, Mr. Maillard mentioned “regular contacts”motivated by “need for alternation” facing a left that has held City Hall since 2001.

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