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The challenge to incorporate within the French Constitution a “status of autonomy” for Corsica “within the Republic” was accredited Wednesday night by the island Assembly. There now stays the stage of the National Parliament, the place the challenge is way from unanimous.

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The constitutional textual content offering for “a status of autonomy” for Corsica “within the Republic” was adopted by a big majority on Wednesday March 27 within the night by the Corsican Assembly, with 13 elected officers out of 63 voting in opposition to it. granting of native normative energy.

The textual content, composed of six paragraphs, was submitted to a vote in three elements, on the notion of Corsican neighborhood, the opportunity of normative energy granted to island elected officers, and eventually the thought of ​​submitting this textual content to Corsican voters through a well-liked session. Then a fourth vote recorded this session in three acts of the 63 elected representatives of the Corsican Assembly.

Envious of Guyana, Alsace, the Basque Country and Brittany, this textual content is the one on which the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and eight Corsican elected officers representing the completely different political tendencies of the island hemicycle had agreed mid-March in Paris.

“Seek broad consensus”

Sixty-two elected officers voted for the primary paragraph of the textual content, which offers for “the recognition of an autonomous status for Corsica within the Republic which takes into account its own interests linked to its Mediterranean insularity, to its historical community , linguistic, cultural having developed a singular link to its land”. Only one independentist elected consultant voted in opposition to.

The identical vote was obtained for paragraph 6 of the textual content, which offers for validation of this textual content by Corsican voters through a “popular consultation”. Finally, in regards to the 4 paragraphs referring to “the normative power” which may very well be granted to island elected officers, 49 voted for, 13 in opposition to and one abstained.

During the final vote, stating that “the text thus adopted will be transmitted to parliament”, 62 elected officers voted for and one in opposition to.

Gérald Darmanin had known as on Gilles Simeoni to “seek a broad consensus” inside “the Territorial Assembly, beyond the Corsican autonomist and nationalist family”.

If this Corsican step is taken into account to have been reached by President Macron, these of the nationwide Parliament will stay, the place the challenge is way from unanimous. The proper, a majority within the Senate, is in truth hostile to this constitutional reform which, to be validated, must be voted on identically by the National Assembly and the higher home earlier than the assembly of deputies and senators in Congress, the place a majority three-fifths shall be required. The date of the favored session of the Corsicans on this textual content has not but been decided.

Discussions on a type of autonomy have been launched after weeks of violence on the island in 2022, following the demise of independence activist Yvan Colonna, attacked in jail the place he was serving a life sentence for the 1998 assassination of prefect of Corsica Claude Érignac.

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