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Sailing the ocean by boat, yacht or sailboat, touring to paradisiacal locations or exploring distant areas might be throughout the attain of anybody with out spending a single euro. It might be an trade: work for pleasure. Although placing within the effort whereas the journey lasts additionally has its reward. The employee can take pleasure in just a few hours of relaxation in the midst of the ocean or dive into its waters. Quite an choice for the 26% of Spaniards who can’t financially afford to journey this Easter, in line with the latest survey by the YouGov platform, or to scale back the typical spending intention on this vacation interval, of 429 euros, as identified by the Cetelem Observatory.

Different maritime crew web sites function a platform for homeowners of those vessels, the so-called hosts, to attach with their cabin boys amongst all those that add their profile searching for this expertise. The hosts as “employers” supply lodging and transportation in trade for work on board. Previous expertise or skilled data just isn’t mandatory and the willingness to study, teamwork and the will to contribute is valued. One of the preferred, FindaCrew, makes it straightforward. Their web page reads: “Connect directly with members from 200 countries. View, register, list, search, filter, combine and say hello.”

This is what Jorge Estrada, a nurse by career, has finished on this platform. “In three weeks I will embark for the islands of Fiji, Tonga and French Polynesia. I have reached an agreement with the captain to perform basic maintenance tasks, such as cooking, navigation assistance (steering the helm or setting the sails) or night watch shifts in exchange for living on the boat and providing free transportation.” For Priya Hill, who may also journey as a volunteer by way of the Pacific islands, this journey is “a challenge to test my skills and learning capacity, and also an opportunity to connect with the sea, enjoy the process and grow on a personal level.” ”.

The mathematician Inés Milan, in Hungary.
The mathematician Inés Milan, in Hungary.

On one other web site, CrewSeekers, they name touring in trade for work a Work Ticket. Among his proposals for nowadays are a visit to Papua New Guinea or the Albania-Tunisia crossing. Its web page clarifies: “It is free to browse all our browsing opportunities,” though, like most, it has a premium service that requires a membership price.

Before hitchhiking at sea and embarking on this work journey through trade, there are those that advise warning and verification. This is the case of the Crewbay web page, which gives the potential of “remaining anonymous until you are sure that the trip and the captain are suitable” and advises “asking for reviews.” He additionally warns that “if a Crewbay ad requests the female gender, you have every right to question the reason.” And ditch: “This is about people who like to sail. “It is not a dating website.”

The proliferation in demand for this touring journey has to do “with a change in values ​​at work, with a record of sick leave (450 per 1,000 workers, according to a study by Univalle Activa and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research), where the worker needs periods of reflection and rest,” says Virginio Gallardo, associate of the consulting agency Humannova and creator of the e book The Skills Revolution: Learning to Change. And he provides: “Many of these processes, generated as a result of the pandemic, have the mission of rethinking work activity.”

Other formulation

Other methods to maneuver across the globe in trade for work are equally fascinating. This is the case of House Sitting, a rising enterprise that connects householders with so-called home sitters. The deal entails taking good care of their properties in the course of the homeowners' holidays in trade without cost lodging. An choice that entails tasks corresponding to these specified on the Worldpackers web site: “Keep it clean, water the plants, take care of the pets and attend to possible domestic emergencies.” To achieve success in negotiating with householders, this web page recommends “generating trust and knowing how to adapt to different schedules.” Other platforms that supply this identical sort of free trade are Nomador, Ttrustedhousesitters or MindMYHouse.

One of the most effective recognized and most used, which additionally features a group in Spain, is the Workaway platform. It has a larger number of alternatives, together with instructing languages, serving to on natural farms or with building tasks. Through it, the mathematician Inés Milan Sanz has traveled all through Europe. “In Hungary, the owners of a campsite offered me a caravan (with kitchen and bathroom) and two meals in exchange for six days of work setting up tents, pruning trees, sawing wood, painting and varnishing, even helping in the kitchen and cleaning,” says Milan.

Also in Istanbul, she narrates the trade in a hostel: “I worked four hours a day, six days a week (cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, showers and rooms, changing sheets, putting on washing machines and ironing) in exchange for a shared room with three volunteers, a meal and filling the refrigerator three times a week.” He acknowledges that “it is an attractive option to travel on a low budget, but also to see the world and do different things.” He plans to repeat “although in other options, such as teaching languages ​​in schools, taking care of animals or supporting platforms,” he concludes.

Activism within the oceans

“We are looking for passionate ocean advocates, who are not afraid of hard work, low pay, dangerous conditions and extreme weather. We need motivated volunteers to defend, conserve and protect our oceans and marine fauna.” This invitation is what the Seashepherd platform presents itself with to draw individuals who work in trade for changing into ocean defender activists.
Its name is geared toward folks with technical abilities and in addition deck crew to maintain the ship working, for which it’s not mandatory to offer crusing expertise. In trade for these jobs, the volunteer receives a room and board, with three vegan meals a day, in addition to coaching on board by essentially the most senior members of the crew.

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