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The singer-songwriter Lluís Llach has lastly determined to take the step of operating for workplace to elect the secretariat of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the entity that, amongst different issues, has led the group for a decade within the large demonstrations on the event of the Diada. The ANC closes on April 8 the registration of candidates to elect 77 secretaries and the previous Junts pel Sí deputy made public this Friday on the social community to attend 12-M with the so-called “civic lists.” and to which he arrives after disagreeing with the technique of former president Carles Puigdemont.

“Looking forward to working and meeting many people to continue the fight of these times to come. I invite you to be there and strengthen the tool that is so necessary for us. “More than ever!”, the singer-songwriter wrote on the social community. Llach thus turns into the primary line of the community of entities with which the grassroots independence motion seeks, amongst different issues, to guard the motion of the events. In an interview in The Point Today, At the start of March, he was cautious to not shut the door on even changing into president of the ANC. “It is evident that the way the presidency works today I am not the ideal person,” however I might do it if a “queen mother” was wanted.

Last February, he left his place as director of the so-called Consell de la República, the Belgian entity chaired by former president Carles Puigdemont. “I understand that a tool like the seven deputies in Madrid is very important, but at the same time it is also “I see it as dangerous and compromised,” the singer-songwriter said then in an interview with Vilaweb. Llach made it clear that he did not share the shift towards the path of negotiation on former president fled from Spanish justice in Switzerland. “But when he [Puigdemont], in some way, becomes the leader of the negotiation, I do not feel comfortable and decide to leave the Consell for this, only for this. “I do not feel comfortable with these roles, even though I respect his political initiative,” added the previous deputy.

Llach's decision to now choose to go to the secretariat, however, does not respond to an attempt to question the former president and your strategy from a more powerful speaker. The activist took a position against the entity not providing support to the candidacies of the pro-independence parties to the Parliament and drawing up its own civic lists. This is an idea that the president of the ANC, Dolors Feliu, defended personally and that she lost by a very narrow margin in the internal consultation on whether it should be pushed forward or not. Llach is the spearhead of those who consider that Feliu's time is up and want a change.

Feliu's clearly anti-political tone did not sit well with some ANC members, who insist on continuing to exploit the means of putting pressure on politicians through demonstrations. At last year's Diada, Feliu said during his speech that the parties had to implement the 2017 unilateral declaration of independence or leave. “And if they don't see themselves capable, if they don't dare, let them give way to other people and call elections. Independence or elections,” he asked.

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