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Owen Jones’ brutal nickname has been revealed as even his personal colleagues appear to have turned on him.

The journalist introduced final week in his Guardian column that he had cancelled his Labour Party membership after 20 years.

Jones mentioned: “Under every Labour leader in my 21 years of adult life, I’ve plumped for the party’s candidates at local, national and European level, and campaigned for them to boot.

“Reaching (the decision) has been a gradual, painful process of realising the party won’t even do the bare minimum to improve people’s lives, or to tackle the crises that have led Britain to catastrophe; and that it will, in fact, wage war on anyone who wants to do either– making anyone with politics to the left of Peter Mandelson feel like a pariah on borrowed time.”

He mentioned that Keir Starmer backing away from guarantees of nationalisation and better taxation on the wealthy in addition to his help of Israel to chop off vitality and water to civilians in Gaza had been additionally a part of his determination.

Jones’ leaving the occasion was spoken about within the Evening Standard, which introduced up the brutal nickname given to him by his colleagues.

Written within the Standard was: “The fallout continues after left-wing columnist Owen Jones quit Labour last week (he says he cannot support Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership).

“The move has drawn groans from detractors, including Guardian colleagues, some of whom dredged up an old nickname for him from the Jeremy Corbyn years: “Squealer”.

“It’s a reference to the propagandising pig in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. While the playground insult may have had currency when Jones was supporting Corbyn, it doesn’t make much sense now Jones has jumped ship. They need to get creative.”

Squealer is a personality in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The pig is the second-in-command and propagandist to Napolean, one other pig who turns into the tyrannical dictator of the farm and is the novel’s antagonist.

Jones posted the paragraph on X (previously Twitter) with the caption: “Just posting this from the Evening Standard.”

He has been mocked for leaving the occasion with Labour MP Sir Chris Bryant saying that Jones tearing up his membership card was “almost as shocking” as when Sir Elton John revealed he was homosexual.

Speaking on BBC Politics Live, the Rhondda MP mentioned: “I was absolutely shocked. You could have blown me over with a feather when Owen Jones left the Labour Party. It was almost as shocking as when Elton John announced that he was gay.”