“Russia is playing on German guilt” | EUROtoday

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OkHarkiv is barely thirty kilometers from the Russian border, within the northeast of Ukraine. For two years, there was little or no discuss in regards to the nation's second metropolis, regardless that it’s one among Putin's aims. For the 2 years because the begin of the invasion, on February 24, the million and a half inhabitants had been handled to a brand new rain of drones and missiles which fell on this industrial metropolis.

Economic lung, it has the misfortune of getting been the primary capital of Soviet Ukraine, between 1919 and 1934, which makes it a really symbolic goal for the grasp of the Kremlin, who will take every part there may be to take. This little-known metropolis, a German historian, Karl Schlögel, takes us for a stroll there in his newest work, The future is at stake in Kyiv (ed. Gallimard).

His cultivated steps and…