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Francis Szpiner, during the Paris Council on December 12, 2023.

Monday March 25, throughout a gathering bringing collectively virtually all of its Parisian executives, Les Républicains (LR) welcomed a newfound cohesion regardless of the native political tensions which adopted the shock appointment of Rachida Dati to the federal government. It was even a night “exceptional” for David Alphand, Paris advisor, near the Minister of Culture: “I haven't seen this level of presence from elected officials in years. We collectively affirmed that we were embarking on the fight for alternation. » Understand: to take back Paris City Hall from the socialist Anne Hidalgo, during the municipal elections of 2026.

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Three days later, this facade union blew up in flight. In an interview given to FigaroThursday March 28, Parisian senator Francis Szpiner announces that he is leaving the Changer Paris group (LR and related), first force of opposition to the municipal majority, to create the group Les Républicains et Centristes – Demain Paris! With whom ? “At the moment we are a dozen republicans and centrists located in different districts of Paris”he says.

Francis Szpiner remained silent about his intentions in the course of the assembly on Monday March 25. “ That evening, he could have made a public announcement, gone to battle”, says David Alphand, incredulous. According to him, a “The web page had been turned. At no time was Rachida Dati's title talked about. Everyone understood that we should always not reopen a ineffective entrance “.

” Red line “

To justify the split, Francis Szpiner highlights “a duty of consistency and clarity towards voters”. “In politics, you have to be responsible and have a bit of morality. You don't sell out your beliefs. [Rachida Dati] decided to leave LR for a personal adventure which weakens us collectively. (…) She is no longer able to embody the gathering”, he decides. The elected representative of the capital had described the entry of Rachida Dati into the government as “political fault”even though she confirmed that she would remain a candidate for Paris City Hall in 2026. FigaroMr. Szpiner confirms: “I told him that there was a red line that should not be crossed and that, if it was crossed, I would leave. I do what I say. »

The senator affirms that he will not necessarily be a candidate for Paris City Hall: “I am only driven by the ambition that Paris breathes again”, he swears. A few days ago, alerted by attempts to poach Me Szpiner, LR's Parisian staff did not take the threat of secession seriously. “ This is an above-ground hypothesis, confided Nelly Garnier, Paris advisor, close to Mme Dati. At a time when Paris could be turned upside down, can anyone take the risk of launching a testimonial application? » Francis Szpiner nevertheless felt authorized to act, saying he had “ the full support of Eric Ciotti [président de LR] and Hervé Morin [président des Centristes] “.

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