So that insurance coverage stays reasonably priced: More safety in opposition to local weather change | EUROtoday

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A home on the Ahr that was destroyed within the flood catastrophe in summer time 2021.
Image: Lucas Bäuml

Insurance ought to stay reasonably priced by extra safety in opposition to the implications of local weather change. Anyone who rebuilt their home within the destroyed Ahr valley was nonetheless insured. Actually paradoxical, proper?

Mr. Rollinger, you wish to insure as many individuals as attainable in opposition to pure hazards, however you’re strictly in opposition to obligatory insurance coverage. How does that match collectively?

Of course, we wish many individuals to insure themselves in opposition to pure hazards, and we’re making good progress with new enterprise. However, obligatory insurance coverage just isn’t an all-purpose weapon. A triad of insurance coverage, prevention and adaptation to local weather impacts is required. The state should not shirk its accountability both. The winter floods confirmed that the dikes on the rivers, particularly in Lower Saxony, are in a dilapidated state. Otherwise it may be very, very costly for the insured. And insurance coverage should stay reasonably priced.