Defense specifies that using Mahón is “punctual” and there’s no provision for it to be a NATO naval base | EUROtoday

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The Ministry of Defense specified this Saturday that using base naval de Mahnin Menorca, is “punctual” and there’s no forecast for it to be a NATO naval base.

The Ministry headed by Margarita Robles thus specifies the knowledge revealed on the conversion of Mahón into the third Spanish NATO naval base the place Alliance ships can dock and anchor, together with these of Rota (Cdiz) and Cartagena (Murcia) within the Operation 'Sea Guardian' for the combat in opposition to terrorism.

As a results of this data, Defense reported that “there is no provision for the Balearic territory to become a naval base for the organization, beyond its current role as punctual port of call for permanent Alliance fleets“.

Leaders of Podemos, similar to its common secretary, Ione Herband his Political Secretary and candidate for the European elections, Irene Monterohave expressed on social networks their opposition to Mahón being the third NATO naval headquarters in Spain, as has the Más per Menorca formation.

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Irene Montero has additionally identified: “Parliament voted for a President for Spain, not a Secretary General of NATO. No to war. Not in our name.”

Meanwhile, the overall coordinator of Más per Menorca, Josep Juaneda, has rejected that chance and has assured that “the current geopolitical threats will not be solved by promoting rearmament policies or favoring violence, but rather by betting on dialogue and international harmony.” “.