I’m a recruiter – you’ve been pitching your wage expectations incorrect in interviews | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A recruiter has revealed how try to be answering questions on wage expectations throughout an interview – and most of the people can have been giving an excessive amount of data away, he says.

Lee Harding, who shares interview tips about TikTok, mentioned that is the one mistake that “lots of people make” when requested what their wage expectations are.

Speaking on TikTok, he mentioned: “The mistake that most people make when asked what their salary expectations are will say something like ‘I’m currently on £60k and I’m looking for £70k’.

“So what the interviewer really heard there’s that you just’re presently on £60k and you’ll most likely take any supply that is above £60k away as a result of it is greater than you might be presently making.

“Now there’s a pretty good chance you won’t get anywhere close to the £70k mark. Also you don’t need to disclose your current salary – it’s completely irrelevant.”

Lee then defined a greater approach to strategy the query, explaining: “Ask the interviewer what the salary range for the role is.

“Most of the time you may get a response like, ‘it is between £65k and £75k’. And now, you wish to observe this up with one other query which is ‘what expertise and expertise separate these being paid £65k and people being paid £75k’.

“Now, as the interviewer starts telling you all of the things that will command the £75k salary, if you realise that you tick all those boxes you can reposition your salary expectations and say you’re looking for £75k because if they’re willing to pay someone £75k and you can do everything that would justify that salary, then you would be entitled to a £75k salary.”

One particular person questioned the recommendation within the feedback, saying it’s “perfectly reasonable for a prospective employer to ask your current salary and refusing isn’t going to go down well.”

Another wrote: “I don’t apply for jobs that don’t advertise the salary. It’s a sneaky move by employers and a massive red flag that highlights wage disparity.”

A 3rd mentioned he had made the error of revealing his wage expectations earlier than asking what the vary was, saying he came upon he might have gotten “another £25k on my basic”.

When requested why corporations do not publish wage particulars on job adverts, Lee defined “most don’t for lots of different reasons, main one being internal unrest”.