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The first “it all started” was in India, the place folks stated issues to one another with flowers. They hung them on necklaces round their necks, they had been in ceremonies, birthdays, weddings and funerals. Later, in Cape Verde, it was tough to get them, they had been costly and most arrived frozen in chilly shops. Alejandra realized the significance that flowers had in her life.

Aces are flordiario: Today Florea.

The second “everything started” was in Madrid, only one 12 months in the past immediately, about to pack our baggage to go dwell out of the country. Start like this: “It all started with a loss of references. I took my dog ​​out and didn't know if the cars that were coming were close or far. Thank goodness the traffic light always ended up turning green. In the end he ended up stumbling with him on the grass at home, him with his wheelchair like the one I'm in now and me trying not to fall.”

“Whenever they asked me, I said that I was like on an uneven level: the bubble outside its square. Now I see myself more like a Daruma, a Japanese doll. The custom is that you make a wish and paint one of its eyes and when it turns You paint the other one. I hope the day comes when I can paint my other eye, even if it's over my eyepatch.“.

Alejandra makes use of a wheelchair to maneuver round and wears an eyepatch over her left eye. A particular one designed by a buddy. She jokes that her greatest option to promote the guide she simply printed is to document a video like Kate Middleton's, “although it would have to be retouched, and on top of that she's not wearing the eyepatch.”

Alejandra Garc

Alejandra Garca Fuertes, writer of 'Camino del sol'THE WORLD

Between the primary “everything began” in La India and this final one in Madrid there may be one factor in frequent: her ardour for flowersand a sensitivity to inform, in essentially the most delicate approach there may be (with the fleetingness of the petals), human emotions, particularly these from which we attempt to escape. During the pandemic I printed a guide stuffed with hope, who was searching for paths of sunshine. Her identify was Everything will go (Asymmetrical editions). Through compositions with flowers he defined the emotional mess that all of us undergo. She added coloration and warmth to the uncertainty, the worry, the ache…

Now Alejandra publica path of the solar (Asymmetric Editions), “a roller coaster on that path of search for light.” A compilation of emotions, feelings and phases inside a course of that she tells by means of sunflowers, lilacs, peonies, roses, tulips, orchids and carnations.

Because between that first “everything started” in India and that final one, along with that zeal for flowers, there may be additionally a prognosis.

Alejandra tells it by means of a yellow Banksias (Banks as Hooker): “Inoperable brain tumor.” The paragraph (titled 'Diagnosis') that accompanies the flower is barely a dozen traces, however it begins like this “I still feel the cold from the day they gave me the news”and it ends like this: “I changed the cold for the heat of all those who visit me, write to me, call me, give me flowers… And I don't burn. It is an eternal heat that never burns.”



At Alejandra's home there are all the time many flowers, a number of bouquets. It is stuffed with warmth. Alejandra Garca Fuertes is “Keka” or “Ale” to her family and friends. She completed her diploma in journalism after which grew to become a diplomat. She has labored in a number of nations, resembling India, the place all the things was stated with flowers, or Cape Verde, the place they had been scarce.

She thinks not, however He has truly been a journalist for a few years.: all those that have been telling human tales by means of their flowers.

In these months there was decompose y recompose (two antupios, one break up in half and the opposite sewn), one life in Pink (the story of the peona, one in all his favorites), a Damocles (Indian carnation), radiotherapy (Black hellebore of Hipcrates) and punctures (a sunflower). The first picture he took as quickly as they gave him the information was burning dugwhich is the final one which seems within the guide.

Your favourite is camouflage. It is a phosphorite yellow orchid that tells the story of a pachyderm that’s in a gathering and more and more feels larger and extra seen. He modifications dimension and his pores and skin turns into tough and tough, whereas the workers continues (or tries to) with their script.

“The terror of breaking the seat makes him shrink more and more. Nobody wants to be proof that things can go wrong. from one day to the next. The meeting ends and one of the speakers stays and asks the pachyderm: How are you? Are you okay? The pachyderm, surprised, embraces him with all his animal greatness.”

She explains it like this: “It's the feeling that you are at a table and you are an elephant, because you make visible something that no one wants to see: that at any moment life can go to shit.” She tells it whereas, laughing, she talks in regards to the Botijo ​​Museum in her city: Toral de los Guzmanes. An area with greater than 2,000 botijos, which it seems at the moment are on the market and that she needs to get well for her flowers.

In Alejandra's home there are these flowers (they seem in acknowledgments, so as of look), there may be mild and laughter. She says the necessary factor is to play lots. An picture is repeated lots within the guide: that of her mom stroking her hair, as a result of that lap is “where you forget everything, where nothing has happened and the world stops.”


The guide is named path of the solar as a result of it refers to a poem by Joan Salvat, one in all his father's favorites. Talk about a military of ants that obtain what they got down to do. His textual content begins: “I make my way and turn to see if the rest of the army is following me. There we are all lined up, like disciplined ants.”

In his guide there may be additionally Volar, a flower that emerges very dignified, regardless of being held by a stone on the base; there may be pause, helplessness,intruder, contact I and contact II. But above all there may be sustenance, collectively, household, needs, power, alternative, breaths of life, afloat and lightweight. She says: “I like sustenance because of its meaning, because no one lets you fall.”

Actually Today Florea (and Camino al Sol) is not only Alejandra's undertaking. It's Pablo and her. Also Juan, his pals and his household. “The author of the photos is mine, but now more than ever I am the director and the executive producer,” she jokes.

They each have a tattoo on their wrist, which is illustrated within the guide with two tulips which are joined by filaments. is named Together: “I have you tattooed on my skin. Invisible blades that cross both of us. You and I are us.”

They each talk about the guide. They discuss their favourite flowers, the tales behind them, and about and path of the solar It is gloomy or it’s a tune to life.

“Let's see, it's a little sad,” he jokes.

She disagrees: “Well, I don't know, there are people who say it's a hymn to life.”

What it’s path of the solar It is a tune to like.

(“Despite the regrets, today more than ever: today Floreo, today Florea.” Prologue of path of the solar)