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VS'is information that can delight people who smoke. The authorities, ordered to loosen up the principles for importing cigarettes, revealed a decree this Friday, March 29, which specifies the brand new guidelines for people coming back from a European Union nation. In this decree there isn’t any longer any point out of the amount that a person is allowed to deliver again to France, report The echoes.

Since 2020, the French may solely put “only” 2 hundred cigarettes of their suitcase, or a single cartridge per particular person, whereas European rules permit 4, or eight hundred cigarettes. In September 2023, the Council of State ordered the federal government to align with European regulation by elevating the approved import thresholds for people. The administrative judges had given the chief six months to conform. It is now accomplished.

No threshold outlined by Bercy

To adjust to European regulation, which signifies that member states can’t set the bar at a degree 4 cartridges decrease, Bercy may set new thresholds or not set them in any respect. It is that this second possibility that was chosen by the federal government. From now on, customs officers should depend on different clues to find out whether or not cigarettes are imported for private or business consumption.

“We decided to no longer talk about the number of cartridges to allow us to systematically sanction those who want to trade by going across the border,” signifies Thomas Cazenave, Minister Delegate in control of Public Accounts, visitor of Sud Radio this Friday morning.

According to Thomas Cazenave, customs officers will be capable of distinguish private consumption from trafficking – if for instance the “name of a recipient is written” on a “well-packaged” cartridge. Carrying totally different manufacturers may additionally seem suspicious within the eyes of customs officers. To sum up, they are going to search for a “bundle of presumption of trade or resale of this product, whether it is ten cartons of cigarettes as one”, he indicated throughout a press briefing relayed by The union.

READ ALSO Tobacco and immunity: dangerous results 10 to fifteen years after stopping smoking “We needed to maneuver from a logic of variety of cartridges to a a lot stronger logic by saying “let's permit customs officers, as quickly as there’s a suspicion of trafficking, of commerce […]to have the ability to sanction”, he added at Jean-Jacques Bourdin's microphone. Outside the European Union, the authorized limit on tobacco imports remains at 200 cigarettes, or one carton.