Tory MP’s rage as Labour and Church of England go woke on Easter Sunday | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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A Tory MP has exploded in fury after Labour selected to place out a message celebrating “Transgender day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday.

Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith described Keir Starmer’s get together as clowns for the submit on X (previously Twitter) marking the woke celebration on the holiest day within the Christian calendar.

It got here after his former get together colleague Lee Anderson, who has defected to Reform UK, wrote for that politicians must keep in mind that Britain “is a Christian country.”

Copying within the Labour Tweet, Mr Clarke-Smith posted: “Easter Sunday. It’s on us to give people a reason to vote for a Conservative Government and not simply argue ‘well the alternative is a lot worse’.

“But the prospect of those clowns working this nation ought to fill any smart particular person with absolute horror. We can’t let it occur.”

Labour had posted: “Today, on Trans Day of Visibility, and at all times, Labour stands with trans folks.”

Earlier the party had also posted a Happy Easter message.

The attack by Mr Clarke-Smith is a sign of a brutal campaign ahead of the general election which looks like it could focus on cultural and wke issues.

Already, the Tories have put out the picture of Labour leader Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner taking the knee for the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement as they rioted in London.

Starmer’s refusal to say what a woman is has also been a source of contention which recently led to him describing Rishi Sunak as “transphobic” after he made a jibe about it during Prime Minister’s questions when the mother of a murdered transgender teenager was present.

But Mr Clarke Smith’s anger was not just directed at the Labour Party. He was also furious with his local vicar in the East Midlands.

Nicky Skipworth, vicar of All Saints Church in Harworth and Bircotes in his constituency, posted a message on Saturday saying: “Tomorrow is Easter Day, however – being 31 March – it is usually Transgender Day of Visibility.

“Being visibile may be the last thing a trans person wants, so great is the risk of public humiliation and worse, but if you are, or know someone, who is trans we want you to know that Easter Day, your special day won’t be forgotten.

“Could or not it’s that the 2 celebrations go higher collectively than many assume?”

The leftwing vicar is a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights group Stonewall and the trade union Unite.

Mr Clarke-smith told “Absolutely loopy stuff. You’d have thought Easter Day of all days they would depart this nonsense for a bit.”