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A two-time most cancers survivor who had preventative chemotherapy urges Kate Middleton to “stay positive” as she battles the illness.

Terri Grice, 50, felt a pointy ache beneath her armpit and a ‘tiny pea size lump’ beneath her proper breast in 2011 however disregarded her signs.

Fortunately, her late husband Mark made her a GP appointment which led to a breast most cancers prognosis.

The mother-of-three from Chester began the lengthy journey to restoration with an operation to take away the tumour, a lumpectomy, after which a course of “adjuvant chemotherapy” to make sure her physique stayed cancer-free.

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Princess Kate revealed her most cancers prognosis to the world on 22 March, sharing that her stomach surgical procedure in January led to the invention of most cancers and that she is at the moment present process “preventative chemotherapy”. It isn’t recognized what kind of most cancers Kate has.

Terri says she will be able to relate to Princess Kate leaning on Prince William as her husband Mark was her rock throughout her first most cancers battle


Although “preventative chemotherapy” isn’t a recognised medical time period, medical doctors use the phrase “adjuvant chemotherapy”.

This is a sort of chemotherapy which reduces the danger of most cancers coming again by killing off any most cancers cells which have damaged away from the primary tumour earlier than an operation.

As a mom to younger kids on the time, Terri can relate to Kate’s wrestle to open up about her situation to her children Charlotte, eight, Louis, 5 and George, 10.

She informed The Independent: “It’s a horrible road. I had six months of adjuvant chemotherapy, I was so poorly, I lost my hair, I couldn’t eat.

“When I first heard the news about Kate of course I was really upset, she’s faced a lot of stigma and she needs her privacy.

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“Nobody knows what it’s like unless you’ve been through it. The diagnosis is scary enough, let alone the treatment.

“She looks really positive and you have got to stay positive, it’s the only way to get through it. I would just say [to Kate] please stay positive – look at your children – it’s not a death sentence.”

Terri mentioned her husband Mark was her ‘rock’ all through her remedy and he was by her facet along with her eldest son David, now 30, when she acquired the devastating information. She can be mom to Callam, now 27, and Marcus, 22.

She added: “They told me I had cancer, and I just wanted to run away.”

Terri misplaced her hair when she underwent chemotherapy


Terri labored as a medical secretary at Clatterbridge Cancer Clinic – the identical clinic the place she underwent remedy.

“I knew everyone but it was still terrifying, I remember sitting there on the bed for my first day of chemo,” she added. “When I was having my bloods done, I saw a lady with no hair and I started to go into panic mode. I was thinking. ‘I don’t want this.’”

The mom might relate to Kate, who opened up about leaning on her companion Prince William for help.

Terri had chemotherapy on the identical clinic the place she labored


“Mark worried more than I did – he was there every single chemotherapy session – he would sit with me the whole three hours,” she mentioned.

Terri received by her first battle after six months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Toloxyfin – a drug used to deal with pre-menopausal girls.

Three years after Terri received the all-clear, Mark devastatingly died from kidney failure in April 2015 on the age of 42.

But 13 years after her first prognosis, Terri seen her pores and skin ‘tethering’ across the identical breast and one other pea-sized lump in a distinct place. Expecting the worst, she made an appointment for a mammogram in 2020.

A biopsy revealed she had breast most cancers for the second time, and this time she needed to face the battle with out her husband and in addition alone in eerie hospital wards attributable to Covid-19 restrictions.

Terri posing after her mastectomy


This time across the tumour was 83mm and Terri needed to bear three months of chemotherapy adopted by a full mastectomy of her proper breast.

Waiting for her operation she met Carrie Pritchard, 57, who caught Terri’s consideration along with her trainers emblazoned with breasts – they usually quickly grew to become agency associates.

Carrie misplaced her hair when she underwent chemotherapy


Carrie, additionally from Chester, has routinely had cysts in her breasts so was not involved when she discovered a lump in her proper breast – however a routine mammogram in August 2020 led to the invention of an 8cm tumour in her left breast.

She informed The Independent: “There was a new consultant who wanted to start afresh who checked my right boob, which had a cyst – she said, you do realise you have a massive lump in your left breast.

“I’ve been in for mammograms dozens of times but when they called me back in straight away for another one, that’s when alarm bells started to ring.

“They said they had found a bit of calcification which can mean the early signs of cancer. I went in to have an ultrasound scan and they told me they suspected it was cancer. I just burst into tears.”

Carrie received the all-clear after six months of chemotherapy and 12 months of Herceptin injections. She then had a mastectomy to take away her breast adopted by a course of radiotherapy, and now has a tattoo the place her breast as soon as was.

Carrie is now higher than ever and hopes to encourage different girls to verify themselves


As a mom to 2 kids, Alex, 31, and Joshua, 33, she additionally associated to Kate’s wrestle in sharing the prognosis along with her kids.

She mentioned: “It’s horrendous telling your kids… your job in life is to protect your children and they stand a risk of losing you. But it isn’t a death sentence – the prognoses are quite good, especially if the cancer is caught early.

“I was fit, healthy, trained and never ate rubbish. It can happen to anyone – no matter where you are on the social scale, even with the best health treatment in the world.”

Chief govt of Cancer Research UK, Michelle Mitchell, mentioned: “On Friday 22 March, the day of the Princess’s diagnosis, there were over 200,000 visits to our cancer information web pages. This was a 15.2% increase compared to the day before the announcement.

“If people spot something that’s not normal for them or isn’t going away, they should check with their GP. Spotting cancer at an early stage means treatment is more likely to be successful.”