Russian army intelligence might be linked to the 'Havana syndrome' | EUROtoday

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A former US army investigator believes that the incidents of well being generally known as the “Havana syndrome” have been the results of assaults by Russia, in accordance with an investigation broadcast by the “60 Minutes” program.

The report is the results of a joint investigation by the CBS community of tv, the Russian medium The Insiderand the German journal The mirror.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Greg Edgreen, who dealt with the Pentagon investigation into what the United States formally describes as “abnormal health incidents”mentioned on this system '60 Minutes' that the affected officers had been attacked by Russia.

Ms de 200 American diplomats and relations stationed in numerous nations have suffered signs of the so-called “Havana syndrome”, as a result of it was first detected in 2016 within the Cuban capital, comparable to dizziness, nausea, listening to issues or migraines.

Just over a 12 months in the past, US intelligence concluded that it was “very unlikely” {that a} international adversary would trigger the so-called “Havana syndrome.”

Edgreen advised CBS that, within the investigation, the factors for validating the exams was very strict as a result of the federal government doesn’t wish to settle for realities because the potential failure of their obligation to guard Americans.

“Unfortunately, I cannot give the details, because it is classified information,” he added. “But I can tell you that from very early on (in the investigation) I began to focus on Moscow.”

Edgreen said that affected officers They have excelled of their work and “there was consistently a Russian link.”

According to the previous army man, “they worked against Russia, focused on Russia, and they did it extremely well.”

The then president of the United States, Donald Trump (2017-2021), determined following the detection of those well being incidents droop consular companies in Havana in 2017 and cut back diplomatic personnel on the island to a minimal.

Havana has denied any duty and launched a fee of specialists that he discovered no scientific or prison proof linking the signs to potential sonic assaults, microwaves, or different deliberate motion.

The Insider, for its half, printed the testimony of Mar Polymeropoulos, recognized as a former operations officer on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), with assignments in locations like Baghdad and Kabuhim, and that he suffered signs associated to “Havana syndrome” after a visit to Moscow in 2017.

The signs, in accordance with this report, corresponded to the “Havana syndrome”, and for years Polymeropoulos needed to battle together with his employer to entry the medical care that his situation required.

'60 Minutes' indicated that, in accordance with a number of of its informants, final 12 months, when US President Joe Biden attended a NATO summit in Lithuania, a senior Pentagon official sick

Edgreen mentioned that, in his opinion, “that indicates that there are no barriers to what Moscow will do, or who to attack, and that if we don't deal with this, the problem will get worse.”