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The 70 households who’ve lately been dispossessed of the three cubicles on the Seville fairgrounds that they’d been having fun with since 2022, by advantage of two rulings from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) which have returned them to their earlier proprietor, You will be capable of take pleasure in this yr's April Fair. This has been determined by the judges of the Andalusian excessive courtroom, who’ve rejected the provisional execution that the celebration that received the lawsuits had requested as a result of they understood that “the imminence of the celebration” of the occasion – ​​it begins on April 14 – would trigger “irreparable harm.” to present companions. These have already paid the necessary charges for the renewal of the usage of the venues and have made the monetary outlay required for preparations for meeting, bar, safety or musical performances.

“This year at the moment we are calm,” Rafael Labat, lawyer and associate of sales space 173, explains to this newspaper. Labat is much less positive of what might occur subsequent. The ruling that takes away their sales space is prone to being appealed in cassation earlier than the Supreme Court, a step that the house owners of all of the affected modules are ready for the City Council to take as a result of that will make it simpler for them to litigate earlier than the excessive courtroom. The council has not but confirmed that it’s going to achieve this. “If an appeal is made, I do not believe that the resolution will be before the next fair, in which case, if provisional execution is requested again, the City Council would have to see how it resolves,” provides the lawyer.

The magistrates who make up the Third Section of the Administrative Litigation Chamber of the TSJA in Seville – the identical ones who handed down the primary sentence that returned sales space 173 on Juan Belmonte Street to its earlier house owners – agree on this case with the City Council. the members of the sales space for 2 years. The Seville city council was the one who in 2022 dispossessed the appellant household of the three-module sales space for not having submitted the renewal of the license throughout the interval supplied for within the Municipal Ordinance that regulates the April Fair (OMFA), and distributed it amongst three members who have been on the ready record to acquire a sales space. To now keep away from the execution of the ruling, the City Council alleged procedural points, equivalent to that the courtroom lacked jurisdiction to resolve and that it couldn’t be executed as a result of pending enchantment earlier than the Supreme Court.

The native administration additionally raised substantive points. Among them, that sales space 173 on Juan Belmonte Street was awarded to the entity that corresponded to it in line with the ready record, that had renewed its utility and paid the charges for this yr's honest, that “at this time of the year the booth holders have already concluded all the necessary contracts for the event” and that “the departure of said entity would cause obvious serious damage, since it would have to resolve all those contracts and commitments, with the corresponding legal and economic consequences.” The lawyer representing that booth argued, along the same lines, that in the official resolution of the City Council officially published on March 4, 2024, they appeared as holders of the municipal license and estimated the expenses generated and already committed at 40,000 euros. He also recalled that the economic damage would not only affect the three booths that are the subject of litigation, but also the eight that were awarded in 2023 and that had to give up their position for the benefit of the aforementioned three booths.

The family that requested the provisional execution argued, for its part, that it had already “borne the non-public injury of not having had the honest sales space at its disposal in recent times.” The court rejects the procedural arguments of the council and the owners of booth 173, but does admit that the provisional execution would “cause irreparable collateral damage at the current date” and points out that this measure cannot be agreed “when it is susceptible to produce irreversible situations or damages that are impossible to repair.”

The ruling only refers to booth 173, the first to receive the ruling that agreed to return ownership to the previous owner family, issued on February 22, and the only one for which provisional execution has been requested, as confirmed by the lawyers for the other two booths, 175 and 177, who received a ruling in similar terms, although issued by another section, on March 13. In the first ruling, the family that had lost its booth in 2022 was in favor for not having submitted the renewal of the license within the established period, alleging that the City Council, during the years of the pandemic in which there was no fair, suspended the stipulated deadlines for carrying out the procedures, and promised to inform of the new deadlines electronically.

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The TSJA considers that the council “misled” this family. “The express declaration of the Administration that it will make this communication by email cannot be ignored or withdrawn unless it contradicts and violates the doctrine of proper acts,” the judges noted. To the City Council's allegation that the loss of the booth was due to the negligence of the former owner, since the rest of the holders of the fair booths had renewed in a timely manner, the court responded that “the actual fact of The proven fact that there are a tiny variety of candidates who haven’t adopted the foreseeable fee habits within the new interval, in comparison with those that overwhelmingly have, doesn’t detract from the truth that the appellant might have suffered from an error generated by the Administration.

Possible answer

Weeks later, the part that needed to resolve the appeals filed on cubicles 175 and 177 – completely different from the one dictated by the earlier one, however by which the identical speaker, Victoriano Valpuesta, was current – adhered to the identical arguments to rule in opposition to of the present house owners. A circumstance that would create precedents and favor the restoration of cubicles for households who misplaced them throughout the pandemic for submitting price funds or renewing licenses late.

“We are going to try to ensure that next year we can continue enjoying the booth,” explains a member of Juan Belmonte 177, who would additionally profit from the rejection of the provisional execution requested for her neighbors on 173. While they wait to see If the City Council appeals to the Supreme Court, Labat considers completely different situations for the 2025 honest. Among them, within the occasion that the cassation has not been resolved or that enchantment isn’t profitable, it’s contemplating the choice of the council granting them one of many 300 cubicles with which the mayor has dedicated to increasing the fairgrounds, exactly to remove ready lists of a median of 30 years. “We have talked about it with the City Council, but we don't know anything,” he says. Although with a glance to the longer term, what we’ve to do now’s to rush up this honest.

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